Local Republicans were leaders in last election's campaign money

March 14, 2011|By ANDREW SCHOTZ |
  • Alex X. Mooney
Alex X. Mooney

WASHINGTON COUNTY — In his unsuccessful attempt to win a third state Senate term, Republican Alex X. Mooney raised more than $200,000 and spent double that, 2010 campaign finance reports show.

The Herald-Mail reviewed and compiled information from five required campaign-finance reports during the year to determine total spending and fundraising. The reports roughly covered January 2010 to January 2011.

For raising and spending money, Mooney stood well above any other local candidate.

His total of about $411,000 spent on his campaign in that one-year period was more than the sum of the next three highest amounts.

Mooney started the 2010 campaign season with more than $200,000 and added about $210,000 to his fund.

Despite the grand total, Mooney lost to Democrat Ronald N. Young in the race to represent District 3, which is mostly in Frederick County but also includes a small part of Washington County.

Five other local candidates spent more than $100,000 on their campaigns.

The most high-profile election was for the District 2 state Senate seat.

Christopher B. Shank raised about $37,000 adding it to his previous campaign fund balance — and spent about $102,000.

His Republican opponent, incumbent Donald F. Munson, raised about $57,000 and spent nearly $122,000.

Shank defeated Munson in a GOP primary, then again in the general election.

More than $200,000 also was spent in the race to fill Shank's old Subdistrict 2B delegate seat.

Republican Neil C. Parrott, who won, raised about $87,000 and spent more than $105,000.

Democratic challenger Brien J. Poffenberger's totals were slightly higher — almost $89,000 raised and about $113,000 spent.

Significant money also flowed in the Subdistrict 3B delegate contest, but mostly in one direction.

Republican Michael J. Hough, who unseated Charles A. Jenkins in a Republican primary, took in about $68,000 and spent almost $115,000.

Hough's opponent, Democrat Paul J. Gilligan, raised and spent around $6,000.

In the battle for five Washington County Commissioners seats, Republicans — who swept the race — were the tops in spending and raising money, as well.

Ruth Anne Callaham raised about $21,000 and spent about $19,000 during the time covered by the five campaign-finance reports.

John F. Barr and Bill McKinley each raised almost $16,000, followed by Jeff Cline with nearly $14,000.

The fifth victorious Republican, Terry Baker, said two months ago that his campaign had raised and spent less than $8,000. His final reports were not available at a Maryland state elections website.

Democrat Kristin B. Aleshire, who lost his attempt at a second-term, filed affidavits throughout the year that his campaign planned to raise and spend less than $1,000.

Green Party candidate Joe Lane filed the same affidavits for some periods, but later filed reports showing that he had raised and spent almost $2,900, most of it his own money.

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