Letters to the Editor - March 14

March 13, 2011

New blood needed in Franklin County

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to express my support for Dan Pellicano for Franklin County Commissioner. It is time for some accountability in the commissioners office, and he will give us that and more.

We have lived through the fiasco that was the ill-advised courthouse project, and the failure of the present board and its chairman to listen to the public until faced with a massive petition drive to stop it.

We should ask, why can we now, as David Keller puts it, "make due with what we have," but could not for two years? How much money did we waste on this over those two years? We should ask why the project was stopped six months almost to the day before the election.

We have lived through the unending tax increases. We should ask when someone will try to stop them. We should ask ourselves, when will the 3-0 votes on everything end? Where is the leadership?

We need to elect a commissioner that will fight the status quo. I have had the opportunity to get to know Pellicano. He is a solid conservative. The depth of his business background will give us the fresh ideas we need in the commissioners' office.

He has courage in his convictions to do what is right. He knows when to be quiet and listen to what people are saying, and is willing to act upon their ideas. And he works hard to get answers to your questions.

I am voting for Dan Pellicano. He is the clear alternative to the status quo. The voters of Franklin County deserve a commissioner who will listen to and fight for them.

Shelle D. Stehle

Mercersburg, Pa.


Don't forget, seniors built this country

To the editor:

Regarding Mail Call, in which a caller was quoted as saying that seniors are getting more than they deserve:

You may not have lived long enough to know that a lot of seniors weren't raised with modern conveniences. Most of the men and many of the woman served our country in the military in four or more wars and conflicts.

If you attended a school, college or other learning center in Washington County, it was built by a senior. If you ride on Washington Avenue, Dual Highway, Franklin Street, new U.S. 40, Downsville Pike, U.S. 16, U.S. 30, Interstate 70, I-81, and don't have to pay a toll to cross the Potomac, thank a senior.

Seniors built the railroad overpass, shopping centers, mall, bowling alleys, most playing fields, modern theaters, Washington County Hospital, first fast-food restaurants, skating rinks, hotels and many other things.

Almost every modern thing you have is because of a senior designing and building it, including electric, plumbing, gas lines and sewer systems.

Many of you have gained your education, wealth and home with the help of or passed down from a living or dead senior.

The question is, for what the seniors have done, are they over-rewarded? I think not.

Most worked long hours and many days for little pay ... to have something to pass on to a lot who don't appreciate it anyway.

Don Hutson


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