Letters to the Editor - March 9

March 08, 2011

Director of minstrel show expresses gratitude

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers, both in front of the footlights and behind the scenes, who participated in our 76th annual Hobo Minstrel Show. What a wonderful commitment to community service you have displayed.

Our performances drew great crowds and for that, we have to thank the media, who was gracious in their coverage. That old saying is really true, "It pays to advertise."

Thanks to Graphics Universal and Photo Gem, who donated their time and talents in the production of our posters. Thanks also to the Greencastle VFW, which hosted our cast party this year as it has in the past.

I guess the ones who deserve the biggest "tip of the hat" are our audiences — every man, woman and child who bought a ticket and supported our efforts to bring you a few hours of entertainment. We are so very grateful. The Rescue Hose Co. thanks you, the Minstrel Show cast thanks you and I thank you!

As director of the show, I want to express my deep appreciation to my colleagues in the cast for their dedication and cooperation.

God willing, see you next year.

Russ Clever

Greencastle, Pa.

It's time for jobs to return to America

To the editor:

There are two major problems facing Americans today, and both of them are lack of leadership and honesty.

First of all, people on fixed incomes have been informed that there is not an increase in the cost of living, but this is not true.

According to my sources, grocery costs have been eliminated from the equation. Another factor is the increased cost of energy. It is time for those in public service to monitor this situation and to take action.

The second problem is the outsourcing of American jobs. In my first race for Congress in 1990, my goal was to pass laws to provide fair-trade legislation for fair trade, not free trade such as NAFTA or be involved with the WTO, World Trade Organization. This was two years before former presidential candidate Ross Perot came out with his agenda.

Recently, as a write-in candidate for Allegany County commissioner, I made a pledge that if elected, I would be willing to go to the National Association to lobby Congress to pass laws to penalize these individuals who have participated in the transfer of American jobs to many foreign countries, depriving millions of Americans of employment.

Now it is time to consider the legislation to bring jobs back to the American worker.

Fair trade means a level playing field for American labor. Millions of jobs have been lost, and as a former mayor and a staunch competitor, I offer my services to any level of government.

Frank K. Nethken

Cumberland, Md.

Appreciation shown for Sharpsburg EMS

To the editor:

On Wednesday evening, Jan. 26, we lost our electric service for about five hours during a snow storm. Harpers Ferry Road was very dangerous for travel. My wife's medical treatment is dependent on electricity, with short time battery and oxygen back-up.

Sharpsburg Emergency Services personnel Priscilla Myers and Bo Miller phoned our home several times during the outage, and after and during the snow storm, checking on my wife, offering their emergency professional services.

My wife and I are very thankful to have in southern Washington County an emergency organization so well organized and compassionate, showing concerns prior to responding to a 911 call.

Our quality of life and peace of mind depend on your organization. Again, thanks for your consideration to residents in south county.

Joseph Wilhide Jr.

Frog Hollow


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