About 150 file for local offices in Franklin Co.

March 08, 2011
  • Dan Pellicano of Antrim Township, Pa., drops off an extra page of nominating signatures Tuesday at the Franklin County (Pa.) Courthouse Complex. Pellicano is a candidate for county commissioner in this year's election cycle.
By Jennifer Fitch, Staff Writer

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — — The following were among those who filed papers to run for office in Franklin County, Pa., by Tuesday’s 4:30 p.m. deadline:

Franklin County Commissioners

  • Robert L. Thomas, R, incumbent, 171 Lincoln Road, Chambersburg
  • Larry E. Funk, R, 6021 Hager Road, Greencastle
  • David S. Keller, R, incumbent, 169 Theodore Drive, Chambersburg
  • Dan Pellicano, R, 2775 Buchanan Trail East, Greencastle
  • Gary E. Gontz, D, 145 Summer Breeze Lane, Chambersburg
  • Bob Ziobrowski, D, 1707 Alexander Ave., Chambersburg

Franklin County offices
Clerk of Courts

  • William Vandrew, R, incumbent, 275 Colorado St., Marion



  • Carol Fix Diller, R, incumbent, 3458 Edenville Road, Chambersburg



  • Jeffrey R. Conner, R, incumbent, 1497 Loudon Road, Chambersburg

District Attorney

  • Matthew Fogal, R, incumbent, Chambersburg


  • Linda L. Beard, R, incumbent, 1715 Rock Road, Chambersburg
  • John D. Cook, R, 925 Mainsville Road, Shippensburg

Register & Recorder

  • Linda Miller, R, incumbent, 219 Sandoeshire Lane, Chambersburg


  • Dane Anthony, R, incumbent, 835 Burdock Court, Chambersburg

Antrim Township Supervisors

  • Pat Heraty, R, 1924 Farmall Drive, Greencastle
  • Sam Miller, R, incumbent, 10809 Grant Shook Road, Greencastle
  • Larry Eberly, R, 11537 Grant Shook Road, Greencastle
  • John Alleman, R, 15576 Pennsylvania Ave., State Line

Chambersburg Area School Board

  • Region Two
  • Stanley J. Helman, cross-filed, incumbent, 2140 Guilford Station, Chambersburg
  • Region Five
  • Andrea Malmont, cross-filed, 3595 Eagle Drive, Chambersburg
  • David Phillip Miracle, R, 2316 Ocracoke Island Court, Chambersburg
  • Region Seven
  • Joan Smith, cross-filed, 1055 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg
  • John H. Ireton-Hewitt, R, 740 E. Washington St. No. 4, Chambersburg
  • Region Eight
  • Kim Amsley-Camp, cross-filed, 1555 Wilson Ave., Chambersburg
  • Region Nine
  • Anne G. Boryan, cross-filed, incumbent, 420 E. Liberty St., Chambersburg

Chambersburg Borough Council
First Ward:

  • William F. McLaughlin, R, incumbent, 1306 Edgar Ave., Chambersburg

Second Ward:

  • Thomas Newcomer, R, incumbent, 129 Highfield Lane, Chambersburg

Third Ward:

  • Elaine M. Swartz, R, incumbent, 326 Cosell Drive, Chambersburg
  • Theodore R. Deardorff, R, 258 E. Garfield St., Chambersburg

Fourth Ward:

  • Robert M. Schwarz, D, 316 Glen St., Chambersburg
  • Sharon Bigler, D, incumbent, 359 High St., Chambersburg

Fifth Ward:

  • B. Elter, R, 1042 Greystone Circle, Chambersburg
  • Kenneth L. Gill, R, 631 Wallace Ave., Chambersburg

Fannett-Metal School Board

  • R. Gary Dinsmore, cross-filed, incumbent, 9605 Sweetwater Road, Fort Loudon
  • Paul D. Hurrell, cross-filed, incumbent, 18946 Hill Road, Willow Hill
  • Shelly L. Boggs, cross-filed, incumbent, 16626 S. Dry Run Road, Dry Run
  • Daniel P. Simpson, cross-filed, incumbent, 19987 Spring Run Road, Spring Run

Fannett Township Supervisor

  • William O’Donnell, D, P.O. Box 1026, Doylesburg, Pa.

Greencastle-Antrim School Board

  • Sheldon A. Schwartz, cross-filed, 4127 Fletcher Drive, Greencastle
  • Tracy L. Baer, cross-filed, 14175 Rocking M Lane, Greencastle
  • Paul Politis, cross-filed, incumbent, 357 Blue Bird Trail, Greencastle
  • Howard B. Ritchey, cross-filed, incumbent, 3375 Westview Circle, Greencastle
  • Ken Haines, cross-filed, 227 Tyrone St., Greencastle
  • Melinda E. Cordell, cross-filed, incumbent, 6292 Angle Road, Chambersburg
  • Eric Holtzman, cross-filed, incumbent, 59 Hearthside Lane, Greencastle
  • Linda K. Farley, cross-filed, 79 Celestial Terrace, Greencastle
  • Michael Still, cross-filed, 464 Tall Cedar Lane, Greencastle

Greencastle Borough Council

  • Frank Webster Jr., R, 155 Addison Ave., Greencastle
  • H. Duane Kinzer, R, incumbent, 463 E. Baltimore St., Greencastle
  • Wade G. Burkholder, D, 235 E. Baltimore St., Greencastle
  • James R. Farley, R, incumbent, 79 Celestial Terrace, Greencastle

Greene Township Supervisors

  • Todd E. Burns, R, incumbent, 236 Heritage Road, Chambersburg

Guilford Township Supervisors

  • Steven C. Rock, R, incumbent, 3190 Anthony Highway, Chambersburg
  • Mark A. Bumbaugh, R, 1660 Anthony Highway, Chambersburg

Hamilton Township Supervisors

  • Michael K. Kessinger, R, 4335 Jack Mill Road, Chambersburg

Magisterial District Judge 39-2-01

  • Glenn K. Manns, cross-filed, Chambersburg
  • Richard A. Swartz, cross-filed, Chambersburg

Magisterial District Judge 39-3-05

  • Duane K. Cunningham, cross-filed, incumbent, Greencastle

Magisterial District Judge 39-3-06

  • Jody Eyer, cross-filed, Mercersburg
  • Lynda Beckwith Blattenberger, cross-filed, Mercersburg
  • Erich E. Hawbaker, cross-filed, Mercersburg

Magisterial District Judge 39-3-02

  • Larry G. Pentz, cross-filed, incumbent, Waynesboro
  • Barry W. Keller, cross-filed, Blue Ridge Summit

Mercersburg Borough Council

  • Jeffery L. Main, R, 31 Locust Drive, Mercersburg
  • William E. Landis, R, 115 South Park Ave., Mercersburg
  • Joel O. Bradnick, D, 211 South Main St., Mercersburg
  • Thomas Suddeth, D, incumbent, PO Box 101, Mercersburg
  • Betty Stenger, D, incumbent, 18 Linden Ave., Mercersburg
  • Joshua C. Meyers, D, incumbent, 19 W. Seminary St., Mercersburg
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