Letters to the Editor - March 7

March 07, 2011

Pa. needs a Right to Work Law

To the editor:

Pennsylvania has a unique opportunity to establish a Right To work Law, this year. Gov. Tom Corbett said, “If a Right To Work Bill comes to my desk, I’ll sign it.”

For skeptics of this legislation, facts are presented from the following article, Giving Workers a Union Choice from the Wall Street Journal,  Feb. 2, 2010:

1. A Right to Work Law gives workers the choice to join or not join a union.

2. Adversely, with the line of union persuasion, these laws don’t break nor do they prevent unions from being established.

3. A study conducted by economist Richard Vedder found a population shift. From 2000-08, 4.7 million Americans left forced-union states and moved to right-to-work states.

4. From 1977-2007, there was a strong correlation seen between right-to-work laws in states and their economic growth (A 23 percent more rapid rise in per capita income in right-to-work states was seen over this same period).

5. Two areas, the Northeast and the Midwest, have seen in most recent years significant job losses. These are mostly forced-union states.

In Franklin County, we have strong support from state Reps. Rob Kauffman and Todd Rock, who are co-sponsoring a Right To Work Bill.

Thanks are in order from all constituents for their positions on this issue; and, even though our state Sen. Richard Alloway hasn’t joined with this legislation, we need to encourage him to sponsor or co-sponsor the same.

A Right To Work Law for Pennsylvania will make this state a place where businesses and workers are shown the welcome mat and not a closed door.

Mary Burkholder
Member, Pennsylvanians for Right To Work
Chambersburg, Pa.

Treaty of Tripoli article is not relevant today

To the editor:

After reading Steve Herndon’s letter to the editor on Feb. 22 on how we are not a Christian nation and how he uses the approved 1797 Article 11 of the treaty of Tripoli for evidence, I looked it up. I am not a history major, but knowing what I do know and how I know people, I had my suspicions of what happened. I did some research and this was my conclusion.

Many people use this article to show how we are not a Christian nation. Google “Article 11 1797 treaty of Tripoli.” When in fact it should be used to show how even 20 years after our Independence how low our newly established government could go. Because we didn’t have a large enough Navy to deal with this ongoing problem, this treaty was done and passed without the knowledge of the American people.

There are two translations, Arabic and English, and they differed. It was established to appease Muslims who were taking captive ships, hostages and Christians, who were often tortured and enslaved. Some converted to make life easier.

In my opinion, our government did not have the right to even make such a statement without the people’s knowledge. This is a simple example of thievery and deceit based on greed. Basically it was done for big business and world trade. Simply put, that statement in reference is not worth the paper it is written on and was made only to get what they wanted. This type of government has got us into enough problems.
Ed Canfield
Falling Waters, W.Va.

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