Reflections about being a Pulse correspondent

March 07, 2011

A sturdy foundation

Teenagers and kids don't regularly get recognized for their ideas, talents and knowledge.  

Pulse has been a creative and community-oriented method for us teenagers to have a say in society.

Our minds, at this age, are full of motion, always finding the new way to attack something.

Also, we are at the time of when we are discovering where we belong in this world full of diverse people.

I believe that the foundation Pulse builds under our feet will positively contribute to our future and where we are heading in our lives.

Personally, I am an avid writer and a striving artist. For the two years I corresponded for the Pulse section of the newspaper, I learned how to write properly and cast my own personality within my work.

Each Pulse correspondent had a particular style, so it was inviting to meet every week and exchange ideas with one another.

I got distracted by the excitement of my new school, Washington County Technical High School, and unfortunately, I checked out of Pulse.

Even so, the time I spent out of Pulse has been dedicated to journaling and photographing, which I am sure I'll be doing for the rest of my life. Thank you, Pulse team for the pleasant experience.

— Harley Harrison, a junior at Washington County Technical High School

What I've learned, so far

Pulse means so much to me. I have been part of the Pulse family since summer of  '09. The friends I've made, the people I've met and the experience and knowledge I've gained are invaluable.

 Learning how to communicate by reporting, writing and filming and editing video have been priceless experiences and I have enjoyed the time spent with the Pulse members.

Lifestyle editor Crystal Schelle has impacted my life, as well, because she revealed to me what it meant to be a journalist. I never really understood what it took to keep a newspaper running, how much effort was needed, and the team-work required to make things happen.

I am looking forward to continually writing articles until I go to college.

My time with Pulse is an experience I won't be forgetting, and I'm grateful for the opportunities Pulse presented to me.

— Devon Jacobs is a senior at Washington County Technical High School

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