Letters to the Editor - Feb. 28

February 28, 2011

Microbrewery not needed in downtown area

To the editor:

I am reading the article in the paper Saturday, Feb. 12, about a local businessman getting over half a million dollars in tax credits.

As a longtime resident of Hagerstown and a senior citizen, this upsets me. Many of these properties are already receiving property tax credits for being in the Arts and Entertainment District.

I also read where the state estimates the credit for this project would create about 42 construction jobs. This sounds good but how many would be from Washington County? So my first question is: What does the state think this will do for Washington County?

My second question is: Why would anyone think we need another establishment like a microbrewery in the Arts and Entertainment District?

Many people fought hard to get the Barbara Ingram School, The University System and the renovation of the Washington County Library. We certainly do not need a microbrewery within a block of these things. But like everything else in this town, I am sure it will pass.

Louise Dawson

This is our government, not your government

To the editor:

I was appalled by Steve Herndon’s letter “Keep your religion out of my government” published in The Herald-Mail on Feb. 22.

His letter was written concerning legislation to allow two loving adults of the “same sex” to marry that is currently before the State of Maryland and concluded with his belief that this country was founded void of Christian principle and beliefs and its current government has no room for the same.

You sir, speak of “the government, and your government” like it’s some kind of authoritarianism, which I must admit, appears to be the belief of a lot of political officials these days. But you sir, are misinformed. America was and still is a Christian nation founded on Christian principle which did not include same-sex marriage. You listed a few founders of this great nation and you were so right, they were just a few. Put simply, the government of the United States is by the people, therefore Christian doctrine like it or not, did and still does influence state and federal legislation.

As for the 1797 Article 11 Treaty with Tripoli, I think you better read article 1 through 12 in its entirety before using just a few words of this treaty on the premise of having others misled by your own personal beliefs.

Finally, it is not “your courthouse and your government.” It is our government, the citizens of the United States of America. This is a democracy, which means “rule by the people.” This is not a new concept so please, check your history.

Christopher Jones

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