What's wrong with this picture?

February 27, 2011
  • Vehicles turn left from Frederick Street onto Commonwealth Avenue in Hagerstown. A Hagerstown resident said in an e-mail that the timing of the traffic light there does not allow turning vehicles enough time to complete the turn.
By Joe Crocetta/Staff Photographer

The problem: At the intersection of Frederick Street and Commonwealth Avenue, the timing of the traffic light does not allow turning vehicles enough time to complete the turn, a Hagerstown resident said in an e-mail.

The proximity of Potterfield Pool, school system offices and planetarium, school bus garage and various commercial businesses requiring tractor-trailer deliveries increases the amount of traffic at the intersection and raises the chances of a mishap, the reader wrote.

Who could fix it: City of Hagerstown

What they say: City Engineer Rodney Tissue said the city could do an evaluation of the timing to determine if the signal should be adjusted, but would need more information about the times of day and turning directions affected.

The evaluation, which includes collecting traffic data and conducting computer modeling, typically takes a few weeks, he said.

Tissue said the signal department checked the signal but saw no evidence that it was malfunctioning.

He asked that people with similar complaints contact the city at 301-739-8577, ext. 125, to provide specific details.


 — Compiled by Heather Keels
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