Letters to the Editor - Feb. 21

February 21, 2011

Former hospital can be asset to each of us

To the editor:

I hope those people in charge read Greg Yost’s letter to the editor on Sunday, Jan. 30.

He had great ideas on how to make the old Washington County Hospital a valuable asset to each of us.

I, for one, voted against the new location and the closing of our hospital.

The nicest thing I’ve heard about the new hospital is the commercial on TV.

It’s a mess out there.

Eileen Titus

Food Resources grateful for community support

To the editor:

2010 presented numerous challenges to our community. It is during these times when an organization truly understands how generous our citizens, businesses and foundations are. This year, Food Resources (FRI) is on track to distribute approximately 1.5 million pounds of food to those in need. Our 2010 Holiday Food Drive resulted in collecting more than 40,000 pounds of nonperishable food. This amazing feat is accomplished through the tireless efforts of a staff of two full-time, and two part-time staff members.  

What makes these numbers even more remarkable is how efficiently Food Resources operates. Based on current information, FRI serves approximately 1,000 individuals every month for a cost of only $6.25 per person. Additionally, total management expenses are only 2 percent of revenue per year as compared to a median of 9.5 percent based on information provided by Charity Navigator.  

Even with all this good news, we cannot stop now. Today, the shelves and pallet racks are full, but it will only be a matter of months before they begin to empty and for that reason, the work of our staff and the board of directors does not end. We will continue to work diligently every day to raise the necessary funds to ensure no one in our community is lacking for food.

We are eternally grateful to the community for their support and hope we can continue to count on you to ensure we meet the needs of those individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet.

On behalf of the entire Food Resources family, thank you for your caring and commitment.

Dan Greenwald
President, board of directors
Food Resources Inc.

We must protect and defend human life

To the editor:

It deeply saddens me to write about this subject, but I am compelled to do so until the reality changes.

Why does a man who shoots a cat receive probation, while a man who rips a baby out of a mother’s womb receives money?

God will never bless a society that kills its own offspring. People are our own best resource, always have been and always will be. God created people with hearts and minds and the ability to generate solutions, to heal the wounded and to love others.

Let’s protect and defend human life, especially the most innocent and vulnerable among us.

Pamela S. Ward

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