Letters to the Editor - Feb. 19

February 19, 2011

Reich was right about the economy

To the editor:

I do not often take much notice of what columnist Jay Ambrose says in his column as he is pro-business and considers anything else wrong. His article in The Herald-Mail on Jan. 29 caught my attention because of his opposition to Mr. Robert Reich’s position on the economy, which aired on PBS.

Well, I was lucky to listen to what Mr. Reich had to say and I was in agreement on every issue he discussed.

Mr. Ambrose dismissed outsourcing, shaving payrolls, using technology to get rid of jobs, pressuring unions for wage and benefit concessions.

I do not think for a moment that anybody would disagree with Mr. Reich’s position on these issues, since it is a well-known fact, except of course, for people who work for institutes and foundations that were created by rich people.

Mr. Ambrose seems to think that millions of low-income Americans can buy every-day products they could barely afford without cheap imports, but he neglects to acknowledge these cheap imports result in high unemployment, which requires our taxes being spent on unemployment benefits.

He claims proudly that America is the wealthiest nation while ignoring the amount of money we owe to other nations and yet acknowledging the existence of poverty in America, proudly stating that now they can afford cheap imports.

I can argue that if we close our doors to imports, and manufacture all our goods ourselves, then we can have a full employment and every worker could earn enough to support his/her family without relying on his/her spouse’s earnings.

Ultimately, as a nation, we must answer the following question: Should any person who works full time be entitled to earn enough wages to support his/her family? If the answer is yes, and I am sure the majority of us would answer this affirmatively based on moral grounds, then business is our enemy since it denies this fundamental right.

S.V. Yumlu

Writer: Don’t close Keedysville senior center

To the editor:

We here at South Eastern Center in Keedysville are looking forward to our center being closed, and what are we going to do then?

We only get to go three days a week in February. I’ve been going there for 20 1/2 years. We would miss each other. We are like family. Please don’t let the Commission on Aging close us.

They are wasting their money. We are not going to Hagerstown. They won’t get enough to pay them to build it. It would be depressed seniors.

Anna Lee Burker

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