Letters to the Editor - Feb. 18

February 18, 2011

We should focus on making this country better

To the editor:

I wish to write about a couple of current issues.

I listened to a music teacher on TV recently telling why his students stay in his program and succeed. He early on teaches each child to play a song and it makes them understand why they do the scales. Once they realize they can play a song, they keep interested.

It was like when I was in elementary school. We all stayed in the grade until we could do the three “R’s” and felt we were learning.

Today, students drop out because they feel like they cannot learn. If the schools took the time to teach all the students, they would all stay in class. But if they figure they are not learning anyway, they decide to drop out. Nothing in the TV programming today teaches children how to succeed. Only violence shows up and that is why the guns are so busy killing people. What they see is what they do.

TV should be used to promote things that help children grow and we should make it unlawful to show all the violence which is now using most of the TV programming.

One of the first things we learned in schools was that we learn most by observation and next by repetition. Anyone who can do the three “R’s” will be able to get whatever information they need to build a career they wish to work on.

When I was in fourth grade, I learned all the math for then-fourth-graders. We could multiply and divide the big numbers. There was only memorization, we had no adding machines, and of course, the tech things and the TV were not yet invented. But this is the generation which invented those things.

When I was in fourth grade, the teacher came early to the one-room school to make a fire in the pot-bellied stove before the children arrived and she made $100 a month. At that time, the unions were just beginning to make their noise.

Now the unions are going too far. Those who are lucky enough to have jobs have made it impossible for the average person to buy the products because the prices are too high.

Then to acquire necessities, people go to credit cards and that only creates more problems because one needs to be able to afford credit.

Our government borrows money from places like China and we give so much to needy places. I believe we should not be giving big dollars that we don’t have. The world has come to the place where if they want something, they figure a way to convince the United States that we owe them relief.
Let’s work to make this country a better place for everyone.

Ruby Poulin

Powell should do research in the original Bible

To the editor:

I am curious about the philosophical rationale behind Allan Powell’s diatribes against God and Christianity. Who is he trying to protect?

If he is correct that Christianity is a fable, then he, and the rest of us, lose nothing when we die — so why worry? But, if he is wrong, his whole eternal future is at stake!

Think about this. The onus is on you, as a professor emeritus, to do extensive research to get the facts straight and not mislead your readers.

Go to the original Bible — not the man-inspired philosophy texts — to do your research. I pray that you will be led to “see the light.”

Joyce F. Kaetzel

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