Mail Call - Feb. 18

February 17, 2011

"Hagerstown and Washington County do not need a convention center. No government entity needs to be dabbling in real estate. Nonprofits can choose to do what they want within reason, as long as they don't come holding out their hands to the taxpayers in the future, as many are doing now."

— Williamsport

"To the renter with the oil tank problem: If you are responsible for ordering your own oil, have the delivery man straighten the tank out. If you're not happy with this dilapidated shack, move. Something must be OK for you to want to stay. Too much is expected out of landlords today. They can't hold your hand through life. After paying bills themselves, with taxes and insurance and other things, money doesn't go real far for them, either."

— Hagerstown

"I have noticed that stink bugs are now running rampant even though it's 20 degrees out. I have vacuumed up 70 and 80 at a time in the evening before going to bed. My house is not warm by any means, so what is with this? They seem to like the color green as is my bedroom, and I keep my bedroom very cool. Has anyone noticed this? If they are this bad now, what in the world will they be like when it's warm or even hot outside? Am I the only person that has soda bottles full of winter stink bugs that I throw in the trash every day?"

— Washington County

"I graciously applaud my local delegates for not supporting same-gender marriages."

— Clear Spring

"I've noticed that stink bugs love to get into my soda and juice and will happily crawl into my food. But I've noticed that they will not crawl on citrus fruit, whether peeled or not or just sitting out in a bowl. Anyone else seen this? I know that I've noticed citrus in bug sprays so would this help out with the stink bug problem? Do they like coffee or alcohol beverage? I don't drink these so I really don't know."

— Frederick, Md.

"A question in Mail Call was 'Why is the government borrowing money from other countries?' I will take money out of the bank and lend it to our government for 1 percent or less to keep us from borrowing from foreign countries. You can do that. It's called buying U.S. savings bonds. There are other treasury securities you can buy also. Didn't the government during World War II have a big campaign, 'Buy U.S. Saving Bonds,' for the purpose to pay for the war? Why doesn't the U.S. government advertise this program more? I don't know, ask your congressman or senator."

— Waynesboro, Pa.

"One question: Where is all the rubble from the old hospital going?"

— Lappans

"Got a chuckle from the Hagerstown caller who said we should all take our money out of the bank and lend it to the government so they won't have to borrow from other countries anymore. You go right ahead — as for me, I consider them too bad a credit risk. They spend far more than they take in on a regular basis, and show no intention of paying off the existing debt. One would stand a better chance at the racetrack."

— Smithsburg

"Whatever school district you are in, be sure to tell your school board that more money does not mean a better education. It's past time to cut the wasteful spending."

— Greencastle, Pa.

"I feel instead of changing the school lunches, they should make the children get off of their bottoms at the computers, etc. Also, to the remark about unions, they are outdated. At one time they were needed, but not now. They don't save jobs."

— Hagerstown

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