RCI inmate comes to aid of female employee assaulted by another inmate

February 17, 2011

A female worker was assaulted by an inmate at Roxbury Correctional Institution Tuesday before another inmate serving a life sentence for murder and a correctional officer came to her aid, according to the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

The employee was shaken up not seriously injured, a news release said.

The assault occurred in an RCI building which does not contain inmate housing, the release said.

The woman was able to call for help, and a second inmate who works in the building came to the woman's aid, the release said.

The inmate who responded to help the female held down the assailant until a correctional officer arrived seconds later, the release said.

Detectives from an internal investigative unit are handling the case and will work with Washington County State's Attorney's Office to prosecute the case, the release said.

 The suspect is 26 years old and is serving a 30-year sentence that began in 2004. He has been moved to a maximum-security prison in another region, the release said.

 The inmate who restrained the attacker and stopped the assault is serving life for murder. He is 50 years old, and has been incarcerated in the Division of Correction since 1979, the release said.

 The employee, who will not be identified, did not require medical treatment, the release said.

— Dave McMillion

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