No need to keep these items under your hat

February 17, 2011|Amy Dulebohn

I must give props to my colleague Alicia Notarianni for her story "Dress for the weather?," published in The Herald-Mail on Dec. 20. The story debunked the myth for those who haven't yet gotten the memo: The common cold is caused by a virus — not by not properly dressing for cold weather.

Parents of babies and little ones like mine who refuse to wear hats and gloves can take heart. Who knew that I couldn't keep a hat on a 10-month old? Early in the season, my daughter would fuss and tug at her hat until she got it off — if she got it off. As the little one grew wiser to the ways of the hat, I would no more than fasten it, reach down to pick up her car seat, look at her again, and see, dismayed, that her hat was removed.

I convinced myself that I could outsmart her — I'd get her a hood that would be secured with Velcro under her chin. In no time she figured that one out, too — and if she couldn't get it off on her own — her fussing would escalate to full on crying as we drove down the road.

Alas, as we see temperatures rise to near 60 degrees this week, I still struggle with trying to keep her warm in the outdoors.

Well-bundled or not, she has seen her share of colds this winter. After various trips to the pediatrician and the local walk-in clinic, I have started to relax with her diagnoses.

"She has a cold," the health care provider says blankly.

I breathe a hesitant sigh of relief, glad that it is nothing more serious, but still wishing they could prescribe a medication to help her.

So with the incurable minor colds inevitably comes a runny nose and chapped cheeks. As a single parent, I am all about frugality. After careful research, I have invested in many store-brand products for my baby that are safe and work just as well as their higher-tag counterparts.

But when it comes to conquering winter weather, I have discovered two products that are indispensable.

Boogie Wipes are a godsend for me. According to, they are made with natural saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments.

In addition to being soft and pliable to wipe her nose, I also often use them to clean my daughter's face after mealtime or in the bath tub. While they are a bit pricey, they are a safe and worthwhile investment for busy, or otherwise exhausted parents. They are available at some department stores and pharmacies, as well as at

My other winter favorite is Baby Kisses. Baby Kisses was formulated especially for infants and kids, so says They are manufactured by Boudreaux, the same company that makes Butt Paste, a product I consider an absolute must-have to treat diaper rash. Boudreaux products are available online and at most department stores.

Every year I believe that spring can't come too soon, but now that I have a baby, warmer temperatures, calm skies and longer days will be more than welcome.

 Even though I'm sure she will still get runny noses for awhile, at least there will be no more fiddling with winter hats, beaucoup blankets that blow off her and into the snow or mud, and adjusting car seat straps depending on which coat she is wearing.

First-time mother Amy Dulebohn is a page designer at The Herald-Mail. Her e-mail address is

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