Mail Call - Feb. 16

February 15, 2011

"I think we should rename Pennsylvania Avenue. Pennsylvania is not representative of our part of the country. They are very liberal, and extremely so. So I propose changing the name of Pennsylvania Avenue to, for example, Carolina Avenue. That has a nice ring to it."

— Hagerstown

"I suggest that all parents in Washington County beware. The BOE is teaching our kids that if additional tasks or responsibilities are required, you're better off paying someone else to deal with it. It's my opinion that they could hire three great teachers for what a temporary superintendent costs. What is it that these people do all day? Time for another reality show."

— Hagerstown

"My feeling about legalizing marijuana and letting people drive under the influence is this: We have enough drunk drivers on the road and enough bad drivers on the road, and any time a person takes anything that is a mood-altering drug, whether it be marijuana, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, they do not belong behind the wheel. We need our reflexes ... Our reflexes are not as good under marijuana. ... Plus drugs ruin this country."

— Waynesboro, Pa.

"I'm calling in reference to the caller who wanted to know, does anyone know if any DVDs can be recycled, or what to do with them if they need them anymore. Well, they can sell them. Sell them to the music stores, DVD stores or pawn shops, as used, and get about three or four dollars. Sell your DVDs used and you'll get a few extra bucks. Good luck."

— West Hagerstown

"I read in a Nov. 29 paper an item about when you die, and where your belongings are going to, that you find — if you check and find, you'll see that your relatives are greedy people. I agree. They don't love you. They just want what you have and what they think they're going to get, and you can't die quick enough."

— Boonsboro

"Recently there was an article in the newspaper about the unsafe conditions in the square area in Sharpsburg. Well, there's a business there — and it's not the fault of the business — people park illegally — it's not a dangerous intersection — they park illegally, and until that is stopped, there's going to be dangerous conditions. And the only way to stop it is bolt a post into the blacktop so that they can't park there, because they're just going to keep it up."

— Sharpsburg

"It does my heart good to see Allan Powell quoting the Bible."

— Williamsport

"Well, here we go again. Another judge slapping a man on the wrist for killing a cat with a BB gun. Would the judge have done anything else if there would have been a child sitting on that porch and got his eyes shot out? Would he have done anything else then? I want these judges around here to start sentencing people for cruelty to animals. It's ridiculous."

— Washington County

"This is to Chris Shank: Ronald Reagan Day — ha. Why doesn't he solve some real problems?"

— Smithsburg

"Hagerstown caller, you claim there are no huge anti-war protests now because there's no draft. This is nonsense. There wasn't any draft during President Bush's two terms. Have you conveniently forgotten that? And we sure saw plenty of massive left-wing anti-war demonstrations then, although maybe you've forgotten them as well. And if you're going to condemn or insult everyone who supports the Afghanistan and Iran wars who didn't serve in our military, then logically and fairly you also have to condemn President Obama for continuing Bush's policies since he didn't serve either."

— Frederick, Md.

"I'm not listening to the groundhog about early spring. I'm watching all the stink bugs in my house. Boy, they have really been moving around a lot in the last week or so, so I guess they're getting ready to go out and enjoy the nice weather. Sorry about your luck, groundhog. Stink bugs rule."

— Hagerstown

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