Letters to the Editor - Feb. 15

February 15, 2011

$10,000 for county speech is irresponsible

To the editor:

I hope I’m not the only county resident who responds about the recently held State of the County presentation by our Washington County Commissioners.

In this current time of economic difficulty, did you really have to pay Antietam Cable $10,000 to make a video for your presentation? Really? You’ve got to be kidding me. You couldn’t just read aloud the accomplishments of the past year? Was it too much to read? Couldn’t it have been spread out among all board members if it was too much for one person to read?

If you wanted to spice it up, did you even think about using Tech High to make this video?
Is this wasteful spending what we have to look forward to the next four years? Is that why you fiscally responsible people were elected? I don’t think so. Washington County citizens were so bent on electing nothing but Republicans to almost every office that I have to wonder if they really did their homework. Sometimes you get what you ask for.
Rod Beard

Business as usual is killing this country

To the editor:

I’m impressed by Stanley Klick’s letter on the Feb. 12 Opinion page. Without blame, he gives the facts and deep-rooted problems that if left unattended will eventually destroy us. His letter, a recommended read, is un-opinioned to where the blame lies, but only getting you to recognize our problem. Together, we the people can fix it; divided we fall.

To fix it we must recognize without blame, to not lose our focus on how to fix. Then, accept our own blame, however small. Understanding how we got where we are without blaming actual various administrations is a key to keeping us together.

Then we need a plan on how to fix. Our plan is implemented through the election of a leader. This leader must be elected on awareness of the most important of problems and unwavering in addressing them. This can only be accomplished by us recognizing their destructiveness to us all. If a candidate makes small talk or skips around these issues, he represents the problem. If he can’t interpret the Constitution he represents the problem.

If we ignore the truth we are divided. For example, we had a candidate say Wall Street is part to blame and we are not done in the Middle East and his ratings fell. But yet these problems persist and now are being attended by those who ignored them. We the people?

Those who were the greedy were bailed out. We’re told we need to spend while the greedy still find a way to make record profits. I promise you no Harvard or Rhodes scholar/CEO will ever say “to have a good economy with growth the people must be doing well to have growing and steady profits. Profits must reflect sensibility to remain steady. Greed and profitability without country in mind has no place in business or this country.”

Business as usual is killing us. Is there a way to kill business as usual? Who’s selling us out?

Ed Canfield
Falling Waters, W.Va.

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