Restaurant inspections for August 2010

February 12, 2011

The following food -service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in August 2010 and found to have sanitation violations, which had to be corrected within 30 days:

Sheetz, 17550 Virginia Ave. — Must clean floor in storage room, walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer and room with three-compartment sink; must reposition ceiling tile in storage room and repair/replace damaged ceiling tile above soda fountain boxes; must clean ceiling of walk-in cooler in front of condenser fans next to wall; frozen condensation leaking from condenser pipe and dripping on cardboard box; must clean shelving behind door under soda fountain beside walk-in cooler (corrected).

Stop Buy 'N See, Market on the Square/Maymart — Need labeling information on prewrapped subs.

Texas Roadhouse, 120 S. Edgewood Drive — One refrigeration unit not working because of electrical issue (corrected: food moved to walk-in.); thermometers must be in all refrigerators (corrected).

Vesta, 2 S. Main St., Boonsboro — Dish machine dispensing too high a sanitizer concentration; must obtain quaternary ammonia test strips for three-compartment sink; must clean can opener (corrected); hand sink in back area not providing cold water (functional hand sink available up front); thermometer not functioning in refrigerator at pizza-making station.

The following food-service establishments had no violations in August 2010: The Big Dipper, 1033 Virginia Ave.; Camp Manidokan Ministries, 1600 Harpers Ferry Road, Knoxville; Comfort Suites, 1801 Dual Highway; Downsville Ruritan Club Food Trailer, mobile unit; G&G Grill, 200 S. Potomac St.; GeGe's Place, 208 S. Church St., Sharpsburg; Hancock Antique Mall, 266 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Hancock; Hancock Town Tavern, 15 W. Main St., Hancock; McDonald's, 1737 Dual Highway; Rita's, 1313 Pennsylvania Ave.; 7-Eleven, 1623 Dual Highway; Sharpsburg Amoco, 139 E. Main St., Sharpsburg; Sheetz, 1396 S. Potomac St.; South Hagerstown High Athletic Boosters, 1101 S. Potomac St.; South Hagerstown Band Boosters (lower stand), 1101 S. Potomac St.; South Hagerstown Band Boosters, (upper stand), 1101 S. Potomac St.; Spring Hill Suites by Marriott, 17280 Valley Mall Road; Stadium Grill & Tavern, 401 S. Cannon Ave.; Starbucks Coffee Company, 17995 Garland Groh Blvd.; Wilson Ruritan, 16204 National Pike; Woodmont Chapter of the Izaak Walton League, 11761 Woodmont Road, Hancock.

The following food-service establishments had no violations in June 2010: Edible Arrangements, 222 E. Oak Ridge Drive; The Meadows of Hagerstown, 222 E. Oak Ridge Drive; Fratelli Pizzeria & Grill, 120 E. Oak Ridge Drive.

How it works

Each month, The Herald-Mail publishes the findings of initial food establishment inspections by the Washington County Health Department. Food service facilities are inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are following the regulations that govern such establishments.

Location of establishments is Hagerstown unless otherwise noted.

Inspectors also conduct follow-up inspections and monitoring inspections, and investigate complaints and food-borne outbreaks.

Potentially hazardous food means any food rich in protein which will support the rapid growth and reproduction of food-borne disease microorganisms.

Inspections are conducted at restaurants, nursing homes, schools, grocery stores and other places that serve food, including those which are only temporary such as fairs and carnivals.

Critical violations such as contaminated or spoiled food, improper temperatures of foods, improper cooking, or no running water must be corrected immediately. Those items are marked with *.

Other violations must be corrected within 30 days. Follow-up inspections will be conducted as needed.

Those violations corrected on day of inspection are indicated as (corrected).

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