Tenn. firm orders 120 Mack sleepers

February 12, 2011

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Flatbed carrier Builders Transportation Co. LLC of Memphis, Tenn., recently placed an order for 120 Mack Pinnacle model sleepers.

The new order, along with an order last year for 45 Pinnacle models, will shift Builders' fleet mix to 50 percent Mack trucks. The company is both replacing trucks and adding 10 percent to its fleet, according to Dwight Bassett, chief financial officer.

The company took a hands-on approach in deciding where to turn for their new trucks. They began with a demo vehicle, learning how the Mack ClearTech SCR technology operates.

From there, they worked closely with Mack and Tri-State Truck Center, the local Mack dealership, to configure a truck that would best meet the company's needs.

"Mack spent a lot of time helping us spec the truck, set the parameters and evaluate performance," Bassett said. "Nobody works with me like the Mack people do."

The combination of the highly proven Mack MP engine and technology delivers near-zero emissions and up to a 5 percent or more fuel efficiency improvement over 2007 engines, reducing customer operating costs, shrinking the truck's carbon footprint and cutting the need for imported oil.

"Customers like Builders Transportation quickly realize the benefits of Mack trucks with EPA 10 MP engines," said Jay Hoffman, Mack southeast region district manager. "Builders' initial order of Pinnacle trucks delivered a reduction in fuel use and required maintenance, leading to the larger, more recent order."

"We've been very pleased with the ClearTech SCR technology," Bassett said.  "We've had no problems at all.  And with the new Mack trucks, we can operate at a lower cost."

Builders' management also embraced many efficiency-boosting technologies from Mack, such as the Mack Vehicle Management and Control System, which gives customers hundreds of programmable features, allowing them to monitor each truck and engine and tailor vehicle operation for maximum efficiency.

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