Letters to the Editor - Feb. 11

February 11, 2011

My teacher, my role model, my friend

To the editor:

I remember art classes with Clyde Roberts from old Hagerstown High School. He had a knack for getting an artistic rendering from all students and got us involved in community projects as well.

Because of the value of his teaching and the confidence it gave me, I went from graduating with a high school education directly to a position as artist at Porter Chemical Company.

After a number of years when Clyde was the art supervisor for the local Board of Education, he recommended me to fill the position of commercial art teacher at the new vocational school, where I taught for six years. At that time I left teaching to pursue my career of building floats full-time. As years passed, I went on to become public relations and art director for the Western Maryland Public Libraries system. Clyde was really the brain child behind my career as an artist and always supported me in my commercial aspirations. I never would have had such opportunities if it were not for Clyde’s encouragement to “take your talent and put your mind to it.”

Over the course of many years, Clyde and I remained friends and had many conversations about issues regarding art in the community. We met at the Mansion House at Hagerstown City Park on Sundays during the Hagerstown Blues Fest over many years to discuss art in the community. This year’s Blues Fest won’t be the same without Clyde’s presence at the Mansion House, sitting next to his easel, ready to paint another picture. Clyde is really the father behind the comprehensive art education programs we have in the area.
Ralph DeVore

Writer is opposed to same-sex marriage idea

To the editor:

The subject of this letter is same-sex marriage currently being considered by the Maryland Legislature. This is political correctness that is an affront to Christians and other faiths that consider this type of union an abomination before God. If the raising of children into responsible citizens is a prime objective of our society, every statistic I have seen indicates a mother-father relationship tends to produce the most productive adults. It does not take a community to raise them, but a mother and father each contributing their values and God-given expertise, to the rearing of children.

Henry Adams in 1907 was reported to have said, “Practical politics consists of ignoring the facts.” Every statistic I have read indicates that the majority of Americans, including Marylanders, are opposed to this same-sex marriage idea. It appears that no lessons were learned from the November 2010 elections by our governing officials.

Further, the teaching of this political correctness in our schools is presumptive, and invasive to values taught in many Christian homes. Contrary to what the mainstream media attempts to project, this is still a Christian country, founded on Christian principals, which did not include same sex marriages.

While this is a voice crying in the wilderness, this is my opinion and I trust that it is for others in our community.

Allan L. Windle

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