Letters to the Editor- Feb. 12

February 11, 2011

Is America getting over the hill?

To the editor:

We are overtaxed, over-regulated, overgoverned and our government is overstaffed. We are overspending, we the people are being overlooked, we are overproduced by China, we are being overtaken by foreign imports, we are overpriced by foreign oil and we are being over-run by Mexican drugs. I've come to the conclusion that our government needs overhauled.

We are going into our third year of debating health care and by the time the Supreme Court rules, our No. 1 priority should be jobs and oil.

The United States uses more than 20 million barrels of oil a day, which is 25 percent of the world's total, out of which we only produce 3 percent. It is estimated that the U.S. has more oil in the ground than all the Middle East combined.

Up until the early 1970s, we were completely self-sustaining. Everything we needed, we produced. In 1973, our oil crisis started when the U.S. supported the Israeli military, which started the long-term possibility of high oil prices. That is when we should have become self-sustaining in oil production but, every administration since then has done nothing to solve this problem.

In the mid-1980s, OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries led by Saudi Arabia was the leading supplier. The increase in non-OPEC countries production caused the world prices to stabilize around $28 a barrel.

In the 1990s, with the Iraq invasion of Kuwait the price per barrel started to rise. In 2003, the price per barrel was around $55, then in 2008, the price per barrel was around $80.

Now, as we enter 2011 with the unrest in Egypt, and the Suez Canal a vital shipping lane for oil tankers, there are already projections of $150 per barrel of oil.

Why is it, since the early 1970s oil crisis to the present, that our administration cannot see the handwriting on the wall. It's about time we get tough with China, get tough with all the top American corporations to bring back jobs to America, to start to drill into our oil reserves.

It's about time we pick up something and see a made in the USA instead of made in China. I'm not writing this article to wax eloquent and lay a bunch of numbers on you, I'm writing this for our sons, daughters and grandchildren who will have to survive in the mess that we leave them. I hope and pray that this grand old United States can return to the nation it once was.

Stanley Klick


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