A sweet fondue for your sweetie

February 10, 2011|Scott Anderson | Culinary Passion

With the onset of Valentine's Day many turn to chocolate as a way to express friendship and love. What better way to say love than with a delicious pot of chocolate fondue served with fresh strawberries, bananas, apples or perhaps marshmallows, graham crackers and pretzels?

These recipes are easily converted into double-dipping pleasure. After dipping into the chocolate, dip into a bowl of toasted grated coconut, then into chopped roasted nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds or pecans.

 For even more fun try dipping into Fruit Loops, or another favorite cereal before enjoying your chocolate covered morsel.

—Scott C. Anderson is associate food service director and chef with Shepherd University dining services in Shepherdstown, W.Va., and Chef Ambassador to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

Dessert fondue

1/2 cup heavy cream

1 pound milk chocolate bits (see cook's note)

In a saucepan, warm the cream over low heat.
Add the chocolate, stirring constantly.  Keep stirring until all of the chocolate is melted and blended well.
Pour the melted chocolate into the fondue pot and place it over a fresh sterno or a candle, depending upon thet type of fondue pot.
Avoid scalding the chocolate, by maintaining a low, even level of heat. If the mixture gets too thick for dunking, gradually add in more cream until the desired consistency in reached.  
For a deliciously flavorful variation substitute egg nog or melted vanilla ice cream for the heavy cream in equal amounts. 
If you are interested in going full flavor with a nice kick you can also add in 2 tablespoons of brandy, or Grand Marnier and stir in to full incorporate.  
Lastly, if you are looking for specific candy flavors then drop in a few miniatures of your favorite candy bar, such as Snickers, Almond Joy or Reese's.  
Stir until well blended and enjoy.
Cook's note:  Dark chocolate can be substituted.

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