Board hears facility needs at Summitview Elementary

February 09, 2011|By C.J. LOVELACE |

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — With more than 600 students attending Summitview Elementary School, space — or lack thereof — has become a major issue.

Principal Aaron Taylor went before the Waynesboro Area School Board at its meeting Tuesday to bring board members up to speed on the current facility needs at the school.

The school uses its cafeteria as an art and music room during non-meal times, but the room is simply not big enough to house the students for lunch anymore, Taylor said.

"We're putting 620 kids into a room on the end of tables, in the hallway; it's to a point where we can't put 10 more kids (in the room), even if they used the end of every table that we have," Taylor told the board. "To really appreciate it — you almost have to come in and see it."

The next priority is addressing the cracking and deterioration of asphalt surfaces around the playgrounds to the rear of the school, Taylor said.

"Every time it snows now, we're plowing it, and it gets worse," he said.

Other issues that need addressed include lighting in the library, 40-year-old sections of carpeting and some outdated windows in classrooms that could be wasting money on heating costs.

Taylor said the kindergarten rooms in the front of the school have large windows that no longer adequately block cold air.

"You can feel the air coming in through there," he said.

An old heating system is an additional concern, Taylor said.

Taylor's presentation was for discussion only and the board took no immediate action.

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