Greencastle-Antrim Primary School first-graders raise $525.20 for library

Library Director Laura Greenlee said funds would be used to purchase children's books

February 08, 2011|By ROXANN MILLER |
  • Laura Greenlee, director of the Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library, shows first-grade students of Greencastle-Antrim Primary School the kind of books their donation will buy.
By Colleen McGrath, Staff Photographer

GREENCASTLE, Pa. — Tightly clutching his plastic bag filled with dimes, Larson Thomas presented a pile of coins his classmates collected for the Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library.

At Tuesday's special assembly, students from 10 first-grade classes one by one presented dimes their classmates collected as part of the 100th day of school celebration.

Seven-year-old Thomas' classmates from Heidi Funk's class raised $82.60, which was the most money for the library.

"I got the dimes from dad's huge soda can," said Thomas, who beamed with pride at the win.

When the final tabulations were complete, the first-grade classes raised $525.20 that will be used to purchase new children's books for the library.

"I'm proud," Thomas said about his feelings about contributing the money to the library.

Funk and the other first-grade teachers sent home letters asking for dime donations, and that's all it took for parents and students to rally to help the library.

"The kids get pretty excited, because they sometimes see it as a competition. One little girl brought in $30 and that really helped. Once she started bringing, then the other kids said 'I want to put mine in,' and they kind of got things on a roll," Funk said.

The first-grade classes have been doing Dimes for Besore, as part of their 100th day celebration, for many years.

"We usually have this little celebration as a way of giving back to the community for their support," said Funk, who added that it also helps gives students practice counting tens.

Even though Kathleen Eberhardt, 6, was a little young to grasp how much the 60 dimes she donated helped the cause, she was excited to help the library.

"I asked my mom, and we looked all over the house," said Eberhardt, who said her mother even looked under the sofa cushions. "I wanted to help so the library could buy new books for the little boys and girls."

Library Director Laura Greenlee said the funds would be used to purchase children's books for the library.

All the books purchased from the event will contain a label on the inside cover stating: purchased with funds from first-graders at Greencastle-Antrim Primary School 2011.

At $15 to $20 per book, Greenlee estimated that she could buy about 26 books.

"I think it's wonderful that the children get so excited about this and include the library in their 100 day celebration," said Greenlee.

The library will hold its first capital campaign fundraiser on March 17 at Green Grove Gardens.

Greenlee said the $1.2 million campaign includes additions and renovations to the almost 50-year-old library with groundbreaking slated for 2013.

"We would like to increase accessibility. We want to build new handicap accessible restrooms, build an elevator in the back, add a two-story addition and we need some mechanical upgrades," Greenlee said.

The March 17 fundraiser is a taste of the town event with tickets starting at $40 for one person. For more information, call 717-597-7920.

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