What's wrong with this picture?

February 06, 2011
  • The leftmost left-turn lane on the newly widened North Edgewood Drive approaching Dual Highway is blocked off with construction barrels.
By Heather Keels/Staff Writer

The problem: On the newly widened North Edgewood Drive approaching Dual Highway, the leftmost left-turn lane is blocked off with construction barrels.

A reader who wrote in about the situation wondered if line-painting crews accidentally made the lane too narrow.

“With all the controversy about the bike lanes, maybe they can call this mistake a new ‘bike lane.’ LOL,” wrote the reader, who signed the e-mail Louis “Lane.”

Who could fix it: Maryland State Highway Administration

What they say:
“The reason that lane is going to remain closed, and has to remain closed, is because there, right now, aren’t enough lanes on the other side of the signal to accept the new lanes,” said SHA Spokesman David Buck. “They’re there on one side; they’re just not ready on the other side yet.”

A lane that eventually will become a dedicated through lane on southbound Edgewood Drive is temporarily marked as left-turn only because it does not yet have a corresponding second lane on the south side of the intersection, Buck said. For now, the combination right-turn/through lane is the only one to line up with  a through lane on the opposite side, he said.

The ongoing project at the Dual Highway-Edgewood Drive intersection calls for Edgewood Drive to eventually have two through lanes in each direction between the Hoffman Auto Mall and Mount Aetna Road.

At the urging of Washington County and City of Hagerstown officials, crews made sure to complete work on westbound Dual Highway and northbound Edgewood Drive in time for the opening of Meritus Medical Center in December, Buck said.

However, widening of South Edgewood Drive and some final paving work on Dual Highway will have to wait until spring, Buck said.

“Everything on that project should be done by the end of May,” he said.
— Compiled by Heather Keels
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