Wright-Gardner donates copier to church

February 06, 2011
  • Mark Snyder, left, of New Beginnings Community Church, accepts the donation of a printer/copier from Christian Wright of Wright-Gardner Insurance.
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HAGERSTOWN — For the past three years, New Beginnings Community Church, at 10215 Auto Place Road in Hagerstown, has been operating on a home printer and paying for third-party copy services.  

When Wright-Gardner Insurance upgraded its equipment and Christian Wright, president of Wright-Gardner Insurance, became aware of the church’s situation, he  jumped at the chance to help the church.

The donation of the copier is just one way that Wright-Gardner Insurance works to better its community. Casa and United Way also benefited from the firm’s belief that businesses should give back to their local community.

This philosophy permeates Wright-Gardner’s staff, as well. For example, when a staff member heard that an elderly woman did not have enough food to care for herself and her injured, home-bound son, the staff purchased groceries, went to her home, and filled her refrigerator with food.
This past December, another staff member heard about a local family living in a mold-filled apartment.
The father had broken his leg, fell a second time breaking the pins in his leg and lost his job. His wife had recently lost her job, as well, so the family had no money to purchase gifts for the holiday.

Wright-Gardner’s staff decided to do whatever they could to help the family.  Wright-Gardner’s employees purchased gifts for each member of the family.   

New Beginnings Community Church also believes strongly in reaching out to better its community. The donation of this copier will allow the church to redirect the funds that were spent on copying services to its outreach programs. The church runs a food bank that has helped many people in the community.

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