Pa. voters to fill local positions

Seats open on borough councils, school boards, and boards of township supervisors and county commissioners

February 05, 2011

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania voters will be filling local positions this election cycle, as seats open on borough councils, school boards, and boards of township supervisors and county commissioners.  

Feb. 15 is the first day for candidates to obtain signatures on nomination petitions for the municipal primary, which is May 17. In Pennsylvania, only registered Republicans and Democrats can vote in the municipal primary.

The municipal election is Nov. 8.

Some boards elect by regions or wards, while others, such as the Washington Township Supervisors, are "at large." Those representatives can be from any part of the affected area.

To run for office, a candidate must meet a few requirements under Pennsylvania election law. Among them are residency and minimum age.

A packet of information about seeking election is available at the Franklin County Commissioners' office or at Select "citizen services," then "voting and election information."

Below are some of the boards with open positions and information on whether the incumbents intend to seek re-election. The Antrim Township and Washington Township supervisors elect for six-year terms, and the vast majority of others are four-year terms.

Antrim Township Supervisors

  • Sam Miller will seek re-election
  • Curtis Myers — no response

Chambersburg Area School Board

  • Renee Sharpe, Region 8, will not seek re-election
  • Dave Sciamanna, Region 7, will not seek re-election
  • Lori Leedy, Region 5, will not seek re-election
  • Anne Boryan, Region 9, will seek re-election
  • Stanley Helman, Region 2, will seek re-election

Chambersburg Borough Council

  • William F. McLaughlin, First Ward, will seek re-election
  • Thomas L. Newcomer, Second Ward, will seek re-election
  • Elaine M. Swartz, Third Ward, will seek re-election
  • Sharon A. Bigler, Fourth Ward, will seek re-election
  • Robert A. Wareham, Fifth Ward, will not seek re-election

Franklin County Commissioners

  • David Keller will seek re-election
  • Robert Thomas will seek re-election
  • Robert Ziobrowski will seek re-election

Greencastle-Antrim School Board

  • Eric Holtzman will seek re-election
  • Melinda Cordell (appointed to complete Arnold "Arnie" Jansen's term) will seek re-election
  • Howard B. Ritchey will seek re-election
  • Paul Politis will seek re-election
  • Kristy M. Faulkner will not seek re-election

Greencastle Borough Council

  • H. Duane Kinzer will seek re-election
  • James R. Farley will seek re-election
  • Paul T. Schemel will not seek re-election

Waynesboro Area School Board

  • K. Marilyn Smith (Washington Township seat) will seek re-election
  • Pat Heefner (Washington Township seat) is undecided
  • Ed Wilson (North End seat) will seek re-election
  • Firmadge Crutchfield (North End seat) will seek re-election
  • Sherry Cline (Waynesboro Borough seat) will seek re-election
  • Billie Finn (Waynesboro Borough seat) is undecided

Waynesboro Borough Council

  • Ronnie Martin, First Ward, will seek re-election
  • Harold Mumma, Second Ward, is undecided
  • Ben Greenawalt, Third Ward, will seek re-election

Washington Township Supervisors

  • John Gorman will not seek re-election
  • Carroll Sturm is undecided

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