Washington County deed transfers for January

February 05, 2011

Deed transfers for January in Washington County

DRB Financial Corp., 9437 Westenberger Drive, Hagerstown, to Christina A. Flessner and Joshua S. Switzer, for $215,835.

William E. Leight III, 227 S. Fork Drive, Hagerstown, to Gloria Jean Taylor, for $136,000.

Larry E. Coren, Burnside Bridge Road, Keedysville, to Nancy C. Price, for $190,000.

Beatrice V. Broadway, 16719 Mount Williams Circle, Williamsport, to Jonathan A. and Billie J. Robinson, for $140,000.

John P. and Kelly L. Smith, 17618 Potter Bell Way, Hagerstown, to Banjamin K. Gbordzi and Angela M. Hildebrand, for $142,000.

Betty L. Gilliam, 347 Devonshire Road, Hagerstown, to Gretchen N. Gilman, for $89,900.

Barbara A. O'Connor, Trustee, 346 Winding Oak Drive, Hagerstown, to Guy Cleveland and Norma Lou Knepper, for $140,000.

Stacey Wallace, 1304 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, to Jared M. and Tomika C. Blakeslee, for $175,000.

Gideon Properties LLC, 33 W. North Ave., Hagerstown, to Justin E. Saloom, for $30,000.

June L. McAllister, 17540 W. Washington St., Hagerstown, to Timothy B. Weyant, for $91,000.

John E. Williams Jr., 1041 Woodland Way, Hagerstown, to Michael M. and Stephanie A. McCloy, for $292,000.

Michael Cooper and Theo Oliver Pitts, 17838 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Darren E. Sweeney and Jenna M. Kulp, for $198,000.

Freedom Hill Homes LLC, 17908 Constitution Circle, Hagerstown, to Ralph Edward Jr. and Candice J. Wagaman, for $249,000.

Beazer Homes Corp., 18021 Cavalier Court, Hagerstown, to Jose and Mariela Unpierre, for $280,000.

First Horizon Home Loans, 18615 Wilderness Way, Hagerstown, to Tiffany L. Needy, for $164,000.

Carol Ann Mazingo, 831 Florida Ave., Hagerstown, to Stephen T. and Amanda L. Hill, for $122,900.

John Q. Simms Jr. and Brandy N. Johnson, 18246 Misty Acres Drive, Hagerstown, to Eddie L. Sr. and Wanda Y. Edwards, for $281,500.

Anna M. Grams, 53 S. Colonial Drive, Hagerstown, to John and Kayla Staley, for $125,000.

Homer L. Myers, 22152 Holiday Drive, Smithsburg, to Jamie L. Doyle, for $124,000.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10238 Saddlebrooke Lane, Hagerstown, to Manor House Builders LLC, for $45,000.

Elmwood Realty LLLP, 13320 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to Ausherman Homes Inc., for $55,000.

SLP Investments LLC, 16822 Sterling Road, Williamsport, to Donald E. Cline Jr., for $164,000.

Lorraine P. Fiery, 14520 Fairview Hill Lane, Clear Spring, to Barr Family LLC, for $130,000.

Judith Eleanor Conner, irrevocable, 2031 Windsong Drive, Hagerstown, to Stephen M. White, for $77,000.

Joanne M. Ford, 1103 Fry Ave., Hagerstown, to Christopher Quinton Goforth, for $130,000.

Eugene S. Albert Jr., 632 Medway Road, Hagerstown, to Ashley N. Fleegle and Chase A. Williams, for $104,000.

Ira M. Martin, 13542 Paradise Drive, Hagerstown, to Glenn W. Haines III, for $159,000.

Daisy P. Cassidy, 474 Mitchell Ave., Hagerstown, to 474 Mitchell Avenue LLC, for $33,000.

58 Water Street LLC, 18313 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Steven K. and Amelia E. Kasinof, for $130,000.

Michael E. and Jaymie L. Hebb, 18255 Misty Acres Drive, Hagerstown, to Yin Liu and Wen Liang Zhang, for $316,000.

Beazer Homes Corp., 18013 Cavalier Court, Hagerstown, to Connie Whitesides, for $240,575.

Justin S. and Stephanie McConnaughey, 12587 Atlanta Court, Hagerstown, to Vincent Minardi Jr., for $130,000.

Jon A. and Kimberly S. Vance, 11804 White Pine Drive, Hagerstown, to David L. and Rachel N. Harbaugh, for $218,000.

Carl and Michele Fuller, 13228 Woodmont Road, Hancock, to William B. Kisamore and Kenneth W. Kisamore, for $32,500.

L. Victor Jr. and Louise S. Crist, 423 N. Colonial Drive, Hagerstown, to Aksold Skalsky, for $200,000.

David Norman Doub, Rockdale Road, Clear Spring, to Mark E. Koster, for $1,500.

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