Area residents make Super Bowl predictions

February 05, 2011|By MATTHEW UMSTEAD |
  • Immer

If the winner of Super Bowl XLV was determined by which team's colors were more prevalent Saturday at Valley Mall, the Pittsburgh Steelers will win tonight in a blowout over the Green Bay Packers.

The mall was awash with shoppers wearing the Steelers' black and gold, but there was no shortage of people who believed the Packers had a chance to deny Pittsburgh a seventh title.

A Washington Redskins fan, Rob Immer of Hagerstown said he thinks Pittsburgh will win, but not easily.

"I think Pittsburgh (wins) 27-23, I already got it figured out," Immer said. "Most of the team's already been there before."

While Green Bay's been playing "really, really hot," Immer said the Packers' youth versus Pittsburgh's experience will be the difference.

A Minnesota Vikings fan, Matthew DeGrange of Hagerstown said he thinks the Packers, who play in the same NFC North division as the Vikings, will win the game.

DeGrange doesn't give Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers the edge over Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, but still thinks the Packers' offense is better overall. DeGrange said he thinks the Packers have a better defense as well.

"I just don't want to see the Steelers win it," DeGrange said. "I know too many Steelers fans. Unfortunately, there's more than Steelers and (Dallas) Cowboy fans here than anything."

John Handy Jr. of Hagerstown said both teams are pretty good, but felt one reason the Steelers would win is because Rodgers has not competed in a Super Bowl before. Roethlisberger, meanwhile, has won two Super Bowl champion rings — in 2006 and 2009.

"I'm pretty sure the Packers will probably buckle under the pressure," Handy said.

A "die-hard" New England Patriots fan, Handy said he was very disappointed when his team lost in the playoffs to the New York Jets, but was happy Pittsburgh beat his team's bitter AFC East division rival in the AFC championship game. The Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts in 1969 to win Super Bowl III, but have failed to return to the big game ever since.

Taylor Fields of Hagerstown, who was wearing a Steelers necklace, said she felt Pittsburgh would win.

When asked why, Fields pointed to the Steelers' previous six Super Bowl wins.

"They already got six and now they're going to get seven," Fields said of the Steelers' NFL-leading number of Super Bowl wins.

No fan of the Steelers, Tyler Weaver of Williamsport said he believes the Packers will win the big game.

"They just got a better defense than the Steelers do this year," Weaver said.

Wearing a Green Bay jacket, Ted Piotrowski of Hagerstown said both teams had been playing well, but feels the Packers are more motivated and will win their fourth Super Bowl in five appearances dating to the first two games.

"They're playing like they're on a mission," Piotrowski said.

Admitting he was more of a Pittsburgh fan, Paul Highbarger of Hagerstown says both teams are good, but still felt the Steelers will be more prepared for the game and will win.

"I hope Pittsburgh wins," Highbarger said.

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