Williamsport girl wants food for animals instead of presents for birthday

February 04, 2011|BY TIFFANY ARNOLD |
  • Anastasia Jordan, 7, of Williamsport, wants people who attend her 8th birthday party to bring dog and cat food. She plans to donate the items to the Humane Society of Washington County. Anastasia says she decided to collect items for the humane society because she already has every thing she wants and she likes animals.
By Ric Dugan/Staff Photographer

WIILAMSPORT —  Dog food is the only thing that will make Anastasia Jordan's Justin Bieber-themed birthday party complete.

Lots and lots of dog food.

In lieu of birthday gifts, Anastasia has asked her friends and family to bring dog and cat food, which she plans to donate to the Humane Society of Washington County.

"I've already got everything I want," said Anastasia, who will be turning 8 on Thursday, Feb. 10.

Anastasia is throwing a private party for friends and family at Turner's Skating Palace in Halfway on Saturday, Feb. 12. She insists that she doesn't expect any gifts — just donations.

"It's turning into a bigger event then I planned," said her grandmother, Cheryl "Sherry" Chaney, who lives in Mercersburg, Pa. "Word of mouth is getting out and there's adults dropping off food to her. I'd like to have a volunteer come over so that I don't have to take it out there myself, but if I have to, I will."

Chaney and Anastasia's great-grandmother, Judy Palmer, 70, of Williamsport, takes care of Anastasia and her sister, Trinity, 6.

"I thought it was marvelous," said Palmer, or "Maw Maw" as the girls call her.

About a month ago, Anastasia said she got to thinking about her upcoming birthday plans. Prior birthdays incorporated Hannah Montana-themes and soirees at Chuck E. Cheese. Anastasia had been contemplating a "Wizards of Waverly Place" theme for her upcoming birthday.

"Then I saw Justin Bieber," Anastasia said.

Unlike prior years, gifts would be a non-issue. "I've already got every thing I want and I like animals," Anastasia said.

Anastasia dotes over her short-haired cat named Diddle and her Catahoula leopard dog, Marley, who is named for the film "Marley and Me." She and her grandmother — "Gran"  — picked up Marley from the Humane Society of Washington County.

Diddle is a stray.

She's been in love with pets ever since.

"I thought it would be a good thing to do," Anastasia said.

Her grandmother and great-grandmother said they were proud of Anastasia. They still plan to get gifts.

"She's such a giving little girl," her grandmother said.

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