Volunteer opportunities growing

February 04, 2011

Q. My small business has grown rather nicely in the last three years, is profitable, and I am staffed with competent help. Now that I have a little free time, I would like to volunteer with a local organization working in support of other small businesses. What does SCORE have to offer?

Your timing is excellent. SCORE has recently announced implementation of their national business plan aimed at a million small business startups in the next several years. That will require an increase in local SCORE chapter activities across the country.

Here is what it will mean for the Hagerstown SCORE chapter:

In principle, SCORE counselors will now become mentors. That will result in building relationships with each client designed to nourish not only the startup but also the growth of the business.

To implement the plan, SCORE Hagerstown will begin a recruiting campaign designed to help us meet the new business plan require ments. Here is a sample of volunteer positions that are available to area men and women:

  • Mentors work one-on-one and in teams providing help for both startup and ongoing businesses. Both computer and onsite training are available to mentors; typical monthly volunteer hours are in the range of four to six hours.  
  • Trainers provide new member orientation and development and participate in ongoing member education.
  • Workshop/seminar presenters engage in a variety of public presentations for startups and ongoing small business owners/operators. Includes SCORE roundtable events.
  • Community relations specialists help locate and build relationships for SCORE with a variety of community resources such as banks, businesses, organizations and other groups.
  • Recruiters will work within the area to promote and develop candidates for SCORE volunteer openings such as those described here.
  • Leadershp opportunities will come from growth for members to develop their capabilities. Ongoing need exists for members to rotate through chapter chairman, as well as internal and external vice-chairman responsibilities.

Whether you are looking for a way to give back to the community and/or wish to affiliate with a highly regarded volunteer organization "on the grow," we encourage you to check us out.

Call Bob Jones at 301-606-9456 or Bob Poor at 301-991-3126 for details.

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