County's best student musicians perform at 2011 All County Orchestra concert

February 02, 2011|By KATE S. ALEXANDER |
  • The Washington County Public Schools All County High School Orchestra performed Wednesday night at North Hagerstown High School under the direction of Maryland Symphony Orchestra Music Director Elizabeth Schulze.
By Joe Crocetta, Staff Photographer

HAGERSTOWN — Performing with the All County Orchestra can be as challenging as a "Hungarian Dance," as enjoyable as a "Fiesta," and as memorable as "Schindler's List," but above all, it is a "Rite" of  education that Washington County music students have come to love.

The county's best student musicians gathered at North Hagerstown High School Wednesday night for the concert culminating the 2011 All County Orchestra program.

Delayed because of snow, the concert was initially scheduled for Jan. 29, said Rob Hovermale, supervisor of visual and performing arts for Washington County Public Schools.

Students must audition to be part of the All County Orchestra, said Andrew Doub, a 10th-grade tuba player from North Hagerstown High School.

That makes those on stage Wednesday the best of the best, he said.

For just a few short, intense days, the students work with a guest conductor on pieces that push the boundaries of their skills.

"I have learned a lot here," said Josh Hollin, an eighth-grade string bassist from Northern Middle School.

"Mostly, I learned B flat on the E string," said Serena Seiler, an eighth-grade violinist at Northern Middle.

The music performed challenges students to grow as musicians, said Elizabeth Schulze, music director and conductor of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

Schulze has guest conducted the All County Senior High School Orchestra for the past 10 years.

"These are among the most accomplished students I have worked with this past decade," she said. "They just get better and better, and that is really a credit to the school system."

This year, Schulze and the county orchestra directors challenged the senior high school students with pieces like Johannes Brahms' "Hungarian Dance #1 in G Minor," Robert W. Smith's "The Rites of Tamburo" and music from the movie "Schindler's List," composed by John Williams.

All County Middle School Orchestra students were challenged by pieces like "Western Dawn" by Alan Lee Silva and "Fiesta for Strings" by Keith Christopher, under the direction of guest conductor Petr Skopek.

Skopek, a music educator, said that in middle school, young musicians are very excited and passionate. Harnessing that excitement so that the students feel the music they play is a key lesson he hoped to teach them this week.   

Students learn from working with professionals like Schulze, Skopek and guest soloist, violinist Robert Martin, concertmaster of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, said Sonali Singh, a senior bassoon player from South Hagerstown High School.

"You learn discipline, how to observe and play, and focus," said Katina Greene, a senior string bassist at South High.

And when it all comes together, Greene and Singh said the black and white notes on the page come alive with color, harmony and melody.


All County Orchestra

Middle School  

Violin I

Frank Liao, Boonsboro Middle

Darina Kantsarenka, Western Heights Middle

Grace Li, Boonsboro Middle

Hannah Cuthbert, Northern Middle

Samantha Juedemann, Boonsboro Middle

Cassandra Li, Smithsburg Middle

Logan Keith, Western Heights Middle

Serena Seiler, Northern Middle

Rebekah Hurwitz, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Taylor Line, Springfield Middle

Kelcy Moore, Northern Middle

Stephanie Fox, Western Heights Middle

Alanna Thompson, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Tiffany Potter, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Katie Milford, Northern Middle

Ayanna McDonald, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Darrien Wilson, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Kori Taber, Smithsburg Middle

Sara Lynn, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Sophia Mancini, Smithsburg Middle  

Violin II

Ramsey Ali, Boonsboro Middle

Tanner Barnett, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Dakota Vaughn, Smithsburg Middle

Diana Kontsevenko, Northern Middle

Jackson Spickler, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Taylor Barnhart, Western Heights Middle

Raen Wright, Northern Middle

Mari Mullane, Smithsburg Middle

Morgan Fraser, Smithsburg Middle

Anthony Benda, Western Heights Middle

Blake Goodmansen, Smithsburg Middle

Yasmeen Mahady, Clear Spring Middle

Jessica Trumble, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Madilyn Drust, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Stephen Maples, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Yasmine Rodriguez, Springfield Middle


Natalia Patino, E. Russell Hicks Middle

David Gunther, Northern Middle

Cassie Downs, Boonsboro Middle

Sasha Earley, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Ayla Kimball, Boonsboro Middle

Ellandra Sellers, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Dylan Bryce, Smithsburg Middle  


Lara White, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Jessica Rowland, Smithsburg Middle

Jacob Tobery, Northern Middle

Delaney Conner, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Ebada Mun, Northern Middle

Michael Hershey, Boonsboro Middle

Dana Lutz, Northern Middle

Grant Sherwood, Boonsboro Middle

MacKenzie Peperak, Boonsboro Middle

Conor Almoney, Northerrn Middle

Marcia DeVore, Western Heights Middle


Abby Forman, Boonsboro Middle

Jake Markoff, Smithsburg Middle

Josh Hollin, Northern Middle

High School

Violin I

John Tyler Garner, Barbara Ingram

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