Letters to the Editor - Feb. 2

February 01, 2011

Road respect is a two-way street

To the editor:

Ed Canfield (Jan. 27) makes some very good points that are from the cyclist's viewpoint; however, there are those cyclists who take every advantage of the automobile traffic and promote the "alone on the road" attitude shown by some drivers.

Both the novice and professional cyclist — those in cycling attire and a bicycle that costs more than I bring home in a week — run through red lights and stop signs as if they weren't there.

They pass stopped traffic on the right and left or change lanes into opposing traffic. They carry cargo on their mopeds that overhang the vehicle by feet, not just inches, or have more passengers than the bicycle/moped is designed for.

I have no problem sharing the road, but when a bicycle/moped is in the middle of the lane trying to negotiate a hill with traffic backed up for several vehicles because they cannot maintain speed and will not go to the shoulder — now I have a problem.

Respect for the road is earned by each and every one who uses it. It is lack of this respect  that promote the ill feelings that you describe. Yes we do need to slow down a bit, but both sides of the coin need to slow down and respect the right of each other to be on the road.

Barry Warrenfeltz


Williamsport records aren't up to date

To the editor:

Having read The Herald-Mail sports section in mid-November, I was surprised to read of a new rushing and scoring leader at Williamsport High School again. If this were to be true I would be very happy for this young athlete and I'd want to congratulate him on this accomplishment.

Following many years of high school football through the sports pages, I have watched the highs and lows of Williamsport football. A few years back I read of Neil Forsythe being the new leader with 1,750 yards rushing and 62 points scored, as with this past season Reggie Russ with 1,947 yards rushing and 128 points scored in three years. Great job guys.

However, being a 1978 graduate of Williamsport High School and a former player, I am amazed at the turnover rate and poor record keeping of the previous coaches.  

Having spoken with the latest coach and athletic director I have come to find out that there are no records prior to 1990 and that everything was up to date and that it was going to be looked into.  

Apparently the records start with each new coach and are tossed with the arrival of another coach. This is more than a coaching problem and it deserves to be corrected for all the former athletes at this school in the football program and any other sports program at WHS that had poor record keeping. I am sure that The Herald-Mail archives has documentation on all missing stats.

Remembering the Wildcat football team of 1977 was easy for me. This team won the Bi-State League title, County Title, and defeated Smithsburg for the first time ever at home. We had an 8-2 season, one of only two in school history and that hasn't been repeated since.

Some of my teammates that I am sure should be in those lost records include Jim Harrell, Darryl Powel, Todd Baer, Paul French, Mike Miller and Dave Shank to name a few — but in my opinion the whole team needs to be recognized and not forgotten.

In closing I would like to state that the real rushing record at Williamsport High School is 2,207 yards rushing and 177 points scored in two seasons. I guess if records were kept to be broken, then keep all the correct records for future athletes to chase after.

Respectfully, No. 33.

Charles H. Haislip Jr.

Frederick, Md.

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