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Snow angels - Jan. 31

January 30, 2011

“Many thanks to our snow angel of South End, Hagerstown, River Bob. I am on my own, with a bad back, and cannot shovel snow, but no matter how cold it is or how deep the snow, he shovels my sidewalk and cleans off my car. He helps all his neighbors. Again, many thanks to our South End snow angel, River Bob. Bless you.”
— Hagerstown
“My snow angel, Rocky, really did a good job on my pavement. I would like to thank him so much.”
— Betty, Hagerstown
“I’d like to thank my snow angel, Tom, next door to me, for just clearing my driveway out. Thanks a lot.”
— Kingswood Terrace
“This is for the snow angels. We want to thank Chris and Phil. This is on Brightwood Drive.”
— Hagerstown
“I’m a senior citizen, and my next door neighbor, Dave, is my snow angel. He’s a definite blessing to me.”
— Hagerstown
“I want to call about a snow angel, Leon and Phyllis, who clean our snow away for us. Thank you.”
— Maugansville
“I would like to recognize my snow angel, Charles, for shoveling me out from Wednesday’s storm. He also helps other neighbors, and we all live on Outer Drive.”
— Hagerstown
“I want to thank all the snow angels on the 200 block of South Potomac Street that helped shovel the pavement out and helped with clearing out the cars.”
— Hagerstown
“I would like to thank Shirley of Virginia Avenue for being my snow angel — also, her children. I’m 83 years old, with pneumonia, and my husband, 85, has many health problems. She and her children do many things for us. I could never repay her. God bless her, and thank you very much.”
— Hagerstown
“I would like to thank my wonderful neighbor, Betty, and Junebug. Every time it snows, they’re right there, shoveling my pavements off. They not only shovel my pavements, they do little things for me all year around, and I greatly appreciate them. I just want to say thank you, thank you.”
— Hagerstown
“I’d like to thank my snow angels on Trego Road, for shoveling out my car and my decks, my sidewalk. Thank you so very much. You are a blessing. God bless you.”
— Trego Road
“We had a gift from God today. We had four snow angels: Don and Mary Lou, Rosalie, Misty, and John.”
— Hancock
“Doug is our snow angel. He lives on Foxleigh Court. He is a wonderful snow angel. He opened up our driveways.”
— Hagerstown
“I’d like to give our special thanks to Virginia and Earl. They are truly snow and guardian angels.”
— Strite Road, Hagerstown
“An elderly neighbor and I were out shoveling our driveways when, all of a sudden, two angels from God plowed our driveways out. Thank you, Steve and Russell.”
— Resh Road, Hagerstown
“This is about my snow angel, who lives on Walnut Point West. His name is Doug. He’s my next-door neighbor, and he always helps me by plowing out my driveway, and he’s a good Christian man, and I thank God for a neighbor like that.”
— Washington County
“As far as snow angels, I would just like to recognize Joanna and Rodney for helping with the snow and other snows that we had this winter, and a big thank you to them for helping out and running errands and whatever, so anyway, I just want to say thank you.”
— Hagerstown
“We have a snow angel. His name is Marcus. He’s 12 years old, and he gives up his play time to do our shoveling for us. As of Thursday, he was up here shoveling, and we’re up in age, and we think that he is our snow angel.”

“I would like to thank my snow angels who live on Vermont Street, Maya and Todd and George, for helping me, a senior citizen, out during the snowstorm.”
— Williamsport
“I would like to thank Ellen for shoveling my snow.”

“I live on Maplewood Drive, and my neighbors, Lori and Dave, our neighborhood is a better place with them in it. They are there for all, and we thank God for our snow angels.”
— Hagerstown
“My snow angel is Tyler, who is an angel all the time. His helper Perry is an angel, too. Thanks a lot.”
— Clear Spring
“Our snow angels were our grandchildren, Jessica and Bob. They traveled from Martinsburg to our home in Marlowe to clean our driveway and patio with our snowblower. Tomorrow we will be able to get out for a doctor’s appointment. Thanks again, Jessica and Bob.”
— Falling Waters, W.Va.

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