Ruff Fitness

January 29, 2011|By SUSAN ITELL

My husband and I have been working out at Ruff Fitness since the spring of 2010, and the easiest way to sum up our experience is simply, “It's addictive and it’s fun and it makes you believe in yourself in ways you could never imagine. It is simply the best hour of our day!”

We try to train two days a week in the group training session at 5:30 a.m. Most of our family and friends think we are crazy to get up this early and make the trek to Ruff Fitness, but it truly is worth it. We both comment to each other how great our days are on the days we train with Dave (Ruff) and Sue (Fahey).

It is the energy and camaraderie of the group that helps us reach higher levels each time we train. The morning crew is a great group of people who always push each other to higher levels, and we find time to laugh, too! It is simply great and well worth that alarm clock going off at 4:40 a.m.

Going into Ruff Fitness in the early morning hours is like the old TV show "Cheers." We all know each other, we all cheer each other, we all push each other and at the end of our session, we all leave stronger and happier.

Since training at Ruff Fitness our daughter, too, gets the opportunity to train with the Ruff Team, as they are the trainers for Saint James School. She is equally as motivated and competitive as her mother, and it is great to hear her say, “Wow! It is hard, and I am really sore.”

Hearing this just brings a big smile to my face as I know that the foundation and fundamentals that Ruff Fitness is giving to these girls will be a life-changing experience for them. Our daughter knows the importance of having a strong “core” as she rides horses competitively. I knew that this type of training would be the “icing on the cake” in making her reach higher goals of fitness!

Earlier this month, my 79-year-old father started to go to Ruff Fitness. He is getting ready to have a surgery and is finding that going to Ruff Fitness is making him stronger for his recovery after the surgery. I think it is the highlight of his day. He often calls me and says, “I’m going over to exercise.”  

It is truly great to think that there are three generations working out with Ruff Fitness. We all have different goals, and we all have different needs, but it is this that makes Ruff Fitness so unique. The knowledge, the experience and the individualism they give to you to reach your own personal goals is amazing. I am just thankful that our community has a special place like Ruff Fitness.


Susan Itell, client at Ruff Fitness Training Center

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