Letters to the Editor- Jan. 28

January 27, 2011

Excise tax takes the burden off of the rest of us

To the editor:

I am wondering why the new Washington County Commissioners are in such a hurry to reduce the excise tax on new construction.

They all campaigned about working for the taxpayers and saving money. The excise tax is a necessary part of this.

Just because conditions are not booming right now, doesn't make it superfluous. The way I see it, with building down, it isn't being enacted that much. It is not a burden on developers. The new people who are building homes pay the tax. The taxes are supposedly used to pay for the increased needs for schools and roads. If these people who are causing the increased needs do not have to pay for them, guess who does? The same old ones. We, the taxpayers.

My taxes are already too high. They have never gone down, or even remained the same.

I am disappointed in these commissioners who seem to disregard we taxpayers. It seems we only count at election time.

I sincerely hope that other people besides me will write in and make their opinions known. They say they are going to have a public hearing, but public hearings in this area don't seem to accomplish much. Not enough people attend, or know how to make their feelings known.

Charles Semler


Let's raise the standards of office holders

To the editor:

Hmm. No COLA for Social Security, no raise in retirement benefits, $3-plus per gallon of gas, increased prices for food, clothing, heating, cooling, etc.

But hey, run for political office on any level and you can vote to give yourself a raise in salary, health-care benefits, long-term health care, dental and  optometry care, etc.

Take this, for instance. Our first lady has 22 assistants. She also has a hair stylist and  makeup artist who travel at our expense with her on their many trips. Jackie Kennedy had 40 assistants. Laura Bush had 24 to 26 assistants.

By contrast, President Eisenhower paid out of pocket for Mamie's expenses. I also wonder, this being the case, how much nepotism do we now have in the present White House staff? It is time for all to see we are being made fools of, with such shenanigans.

The president has frozen the salaries of federal employees — what about the other executive and legislative branches of our government? Our country has progressed in many ways, but we are failing in the choices we make at the voting booth.

We require a certain level of education and intelligence in our everyday choices for leaders of private enterprise; it is time we set standards for our political leaders.

Tom Wilhelm


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