Council introduces wind and solar generator ordinance

January 26, 2011

HAGERSTOWN — The Hagerstown City Council Tuesday introduced the city's first proposed ordinance regulating wind and solar energy generators.

City Planning Director Kathy Maher noted previously that ground-mounted solar in residential districts was the only sticking point for the five-member council, which has debated the proposal for months.

The measure the council introduced would permit ground-mounted solar arrays in all zoning districts. But, in residential districts, the proposal would restrict the arrays as accessory uses limited to 900 square-feet of coverage, with a 10-foot height maximum that meets all setback requirements.  

That treatment matches how the city currently regulates sheds and garages, according to city documents.

The planning staff proposed the ordinance so the city would have regulations in place before residents and businesses began installing alternative energy generators.

In addition to solar arrays, the ordinance would provide regulations for wind generators.

Councilwoman Ashley C. Haywood said she was excited to move for the introduction of the ordinance.

The council is scheduled to vote on the proposal next month.


— Kate Alexander

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