Letters to the Editor - Jan. 25

January 24, 2011

Shuster supports the wealthy, not seniors

To the editor:

The news media having exposed Bill Shuster and the Republican Party for lying about the new health care bill brings rise to many questions about their driving force. The following questions are raised in an open letter to Shuster.

The Democrats in Congress tried to pass legislation to give Social Security recipients a $250 stimulus check since they did not get a COLA and Wall Street robbed trillions from their pension. Republicans, including Shuster, voted against said legislation.

Seventy-two of the highest income earners make more than the 19 million bottom wage earners. Your priority in supporting a tax cut for the ultra-rich and those 72 highest wage earners over we seniors on Social Security certainly begs the question as to why seniors or anyone in need of health care should vote Republican.

It’s a myth claimed by corporate Republicans that only the rich create jobs. More money to the rich or investor class will not create a single job unless there is an increase in demand from consumers, meaning the workers and the other 98 percent consuming public. To the contrary, when lower and middle class receive more money and spend it, they create the demand for the investor class to expand making products and increase jobs.

The rich tax cut adds more than a trillion dollars to the deficit. How much have you gotten into your campaign by supporting the rich and the corporations?

With you and the Chamber connected at the hip, explain to the public why the Chamber lobbyists are holding seminars to help and assist U.S. corporations to outsource our jobs overseas, closing 40,000 U.S. factories that went to China. Tell the public why we should believe corporate Republicans when they talk about creating jobs

A response from Shuster is encouraged. Please no more lies in a fancy brochure we paid for.

Marlin Wagner
Chambersburg, Pa.

Do columnists represent themselves, or paper?

To the editor:

I would like to know in what capacity Lloyd Waters writes for The Herald-Mail.

His endline (of sorts) says Waters is “... a Sharpsburg resident who writes for The Herald-Mail.” It does not say he is a columnist, as are others on the Opinion page, so does Waters write for himself or on behalf of The Herald-Mail?

I think it is important to understand if he represents himself or this paper, especially when he engages in derogatory name-calling of a particular segment of the population (“Our evolving government and the collapse of Rome,” Sunday, Jan. 2, page A6).

I am unaware that gay people have been proven to be less decent, moral, responsible or patriotic than nongay Americans, so I wonder why Waters feels it is acceptable to refer to gays as “decadent.” I might add that referencing the works of classical scholars does not support or condone his hateful implications.

What it seems is that Waters has spent a little too much time attending the twisted university of Glenn Beck so that history will neatly match his (or The Herald-Mail’s) opinions.

Pat Hamilton

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