Marriage licenses for December 2010

January 22, 2011

The following marriage licenses were issued in December in Washington County:

Luis Eduardo Chuy Morales, 33, of Silver Spring, Md., and Dawn Ranae Neville, 24, of Hagerstown

Clifton Lynn Barnhart II, 26, and Tracy Jean Barnes, 26, both of Hagerstown

Kenneth Robert Bannigan Jr., 40, and Tanya Dawn Pogue, 41, both of Drums, Pa.

Jeremy Michael Rudolph, 28, and Katie Marie Oller, 27, both of Smithsburg

Robert Michael Teays, 51, and Susan Yvonne Harris, 55, both of Hagerstown

Shawn Gregory Brechbill, 21, and Kathleen Patricia Chaney, 22, both of Fairplay

Brandon James Yost, 24, of Clear Spring, and Catherine Robin Saylor, 22, of Hagerstown

Mudasir Anwar Abro, 38, of Wichita Falls, Texas, and Kulsoom Bhutto, 27, of Hagerstown

Matthew Robert Miller, 21, and Ashley Brooke Williams, 21, both of Hagers-town

Adam Ryan Shurnitski, 22, of Shepherdstown, W.Va., and Kelly Marie Weld, 23, of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Lamar Daniel Miller, 21, of Smithsburg, and Denise Faith Martin, 20, of Hagerstown

Matthew Mercy Ashley, 57, and Matilda Fraser Leigh, 55, both of Hagers-town

Robert H.A. Boyce, 55, and Gertrude Rosalyn Logan, 48, both of Hagers-town

Robert Lee Shoemaker II, 27, of Hancock, and Tina Marie Crisel, 36, of Hedgesville, W.Va.

Joseph Thomas Allen II, 30, and Summer Nicole Sine, 29, both of Frederick, Md.

Andrei Maurice Jackson, 38, and Stacey Renee Phillips, 36, both of Hagerstown

Jeffrey William Schrecongost Jr., 20, of Hedgesville, W.Va., and Sarah Elizabeth Winegardner, 17, of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Michael Wayne Hawbaker, 53, and Kimberly Anne South, 42, both of Hagerstown

Adam Andrew Matthews, 27, and Wendy Renee Brown, 37, both of Hagerstown

Michael Dean McClain, 58, of Hagerstown, and Kathleen Beth Stitt, 61, of Boonsboro

Brian Lee McKenzie, 32, and Jackie Renee Flowers, 40, both of Williamsport

Matthew Josiah Shuman, 28, and Sharon Rose Mayle, 29, both of Hagerstown

Zachary Scott Jones, 20, of Martinsburg, W.Va., and Karli Renee Reese, 18, of Hagerstown

William James Swartz, 35, and Jadah Suzanne Zampelli, 27, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Christopher Michael Lewis, 23, and Jennifer Marie Louzon, 24, both of Catonsville, Md.

Jeremy Daniel Smith, 26, and Cynthia Louise Gramp, 27, both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Glen Lee Warner, 44, and Jessica Rachelle Evans, 27, both of Knoxville

Philip Brian Masemer, 44, and Lisa Dawn Swann, 47, both of Shepherdstown, W.Va.

Carl James Tosh, 63, and Ethel Rebecca Brogan, 64, both of Newville, Pa.

Ted Evan Marks, 57, of Hustontown, Pa., and Cynthia Lynn McCarney, 39, of Hagerstown

Jose Carlos Vasquez Bonilla, 27, and Ashley Marie Valiquette, 22, both of Hagerstown

Ronald Eugene Knable, 56, and Gina Ann Ashworth, 47, both of Smithsburg

Joshua Allen Remsburg, 24 and Olivia Marie Cochran, 33, both of Hagerstown

Robert Eugene Howes Jr., 21, and Bernice Marie Eccard, 22, both of Hagerstown

James Earl Withrow, 33, of Glen Burnie, Md., and Anna Maria Peters, 27, of Curtis Bay, Md.

Kenneth Mark Prentice, 46, and Peggy Ann Dern, 53, both of Smithsburg

James Kevin Dyson Jr., 30, of Clinton, Md., and Kimberly Ann Taylor, 25, of Jefferson, Md.

Daniel Geoffrey Hull, 26, and Laura Elizabeth Lavrenchik, 22, both of Hagerstown

Garie Eugene Shawyer Jr., 32, of Cavetown, and Kristina Elizabeth Gudrun Sumpter, 23, of Greencastle, Pa.

Peter John Gutenberger, 56, and Karla Kelly Brown, 51, both of Hagerstown

Ozcan Metin, 41, and Ferah Canturk, 30, both of Hagerstown

Clifton Luther Smith II, 70, of Boonsboro, and Shirley Jean Sipes, 68, of Hagerstown

Mark Jay Rhoton, 38, and Michelle Catherine Peck, 38, both of Clear Spring

Richard Lee Riggs, 20, and Brittany Renee Gloss, 19, both of Boonsboro

Matthew John Davis, 26, of Thurmont, Md., and Nicole Suzanne Senz, 24, of Smithsburg

William Edward Jarcy, 28, and Kristina Nicole Wolfe, 28, both of Williamsport

Alexander Peter Szuchnicki, 31, and Catherine Grace Ippolito, 28, both of Boonsboro

Jacob Martin Lucas, 25, and Ashlyn Christine Mazone, 24, both of Hagerstown

Matthew Ryan Gorsuch, 32, and Anna Elaine Kent, 40, both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Harold Elmer Rice Jr., 46, and Angela Lynn Smith, 41, both of Hagerstown

Scott Benjamin Stouffer, 35, and Ashley Elizabeth Potter, 29, both of Hagerstown

Eric Jason Pelicano, 36, and Christy Lynn Shawyer, 34, both of Hagerstown

Heres Gabriel Montesino Delgado, 36, and Elsida Yahaira Molina, 26, both of Hagerstown

Angel Luis Alvarez-Fantauzzi, 63, and Olga Felicia Morel, 54, both of Hagerstown

Scott Andrew Frazier, 36, and Carla Carolina Sanders, 34, both of Hagerstown

Daniel Lee Stillwell, 33, and Margaret Sigrid McKee, 29, both of Hagerstown

Kevin Eugene Morgan, 49, and Sherry Lynn Tolbert, 54, both of Keedysville

Larry Lee Zinn Jr., 43, and Robin Restagno Jenkins, 45, both of Shippensburg, Pa.

Tony Lynn Snyder, 45, and Veronica Lee Kershner, 44, both of Hagerstown

Tyler Wayne Morris, 18, of Fairplay, and Emily Claire Graff, 19, of Williamsport

Mohamed Abdallah Mkamba, 45, of Hagers-town, and Heather Nicole Helman, 31, of Waynesboro, Pa.

Tyler Anthony Burgan, 20, of Smithsburg, and Rachel May Murphy, 21, of Boonsboro

Christopher Lynn Lloyd, 21, and Karis Denae Burgan, 21, of Smithsburg

Trent Jose Green Sr., 45, and Coleen Michelle Rice, 42, both of Smithsburg

Thomas James Cross, 20, and Krystal Lee Thomas, 18, both of Hagerstown

Jonathan David Wilson Sr., 40, and Andrea Marie Matazinski, 37, both of Hagerstown

James William Smith, 58, and Larina Renee Murray, 42, both of Sabillasville

William Richard Taylor, 48, and Michele Lee Maguire, 41, both of Hagerstown

Douglas Brian Beard, 45, of Arlington, Va., and Ellan Christine Streett, 43, of Smithsburg

Dustin Michael McDonough, 26, and Robin Alexander, 26, both of Hagerstown

Harry Ira McMullen, 61, of Chambersburg, Pa., and Robin Dawn Keefer, 52, of Clear Spring

Christopher Durand Sheppard, 26, and Kadina Dorette Bembry, 21, both of Hagerstown

Clayton Earl Martin, 20, and Joanne Kay Showalter, 21, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Lyle Dean Martin, 23, and Miranda Joy Martin, 20, both of Smithsburg

Richard Lee Sowers, 30, and Jennifer Nicole Stouffer, 29, both of Hagerstown

Jeremy Michael Todd, 30, and Spring Amanda Burrill, 29, both of Hagerstown

Vernon Delano Addison, 44, of Mount Savage, Md., and Rosalind Rochelle Carter, 39, of Hagerstown

Dewayne David Johnson, 41, and April Lynn Boyer, 41, both of Boonsboro

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