Kaplan University launches Kaplan Commitment program

Program allows qualified students to attend first term before committing to long-term financial obligation

January 21, 2011

Kaplan University has announced the launch of Kaplan Commitment at its campus locations, including the  Hagerstown campus.

Kaplan Commitment allows qualified students to enroll in an academic program and attend their first term to assess whether the coursework meets their needs before committing to a long-term financial obligation, according to a news release from the school.

Kaplan also will evaluate students' performance during that time to help determine the likelihood of their success.

"This program reinforces that we stand behind the quality educational experience we offer and are committed to the success of our students," Chris Motz, president of Kaplan University's Hagerstown campus, said in the release. "Our goal is for students to be completely confident that their choice to pursue higher education is the right one."

As of Jan. 5, most students starting at Kaplan University's Hagerstown campus are being conditionally admitted into their diploma or degree program.

During an introductory period, which is generally three to five weeks, students can choose to withdraw for any reason without being responsible for any tuition. There is a nonrefundable application fee, which is less than $50, the release said.

After meeting the university's requirements at the end of the introductory period, students will be fully admitted and may continue with their program.

"The Kaplan Commitment is the first step in our students' paths to attain their educational and career goals," Motz said. "Our graduates will move into our work force and demonstrate their achievements to the benefit of our community."

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