Letters to the Editor - Jan. 20

January 19, 2011

U.S. needs to rethink foreign policy strategy

To the editor:

First, I am a patriot and a World War II veteran. I am interested in doing the best things to help our U.S. government get out of debt and possibly improve our security efforts at the same time.

I think we need to rethink our foreign policy and make plans to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. We also need to start closing some military bases throughout the world. By doing this, we can reduce the military budget quite a lot.

I'm sure we've done some good in the past in some of these countries, but it's time we do this to help reduce the deficit. Also, it might help improve our image in the world because some countries might feel threatened by our presence. Also, let's be honest, we can't afford it. This would be a very challenging effort for those capable of changing our policy, but we need to do it now. 


I agree with doing all we can to keep our country safe from terrorist attacks at the same time, but changing our image might have some effect in this regard. Also, we love our way of life of freedom and democracy, but let's face it — we can't change countries and cultures that have lived their way for thousands of years.

I hope our leaders can see this and start changing our foreign policy.

Jack Myers



Where is the Democratic Tea Party?

To the editor:

Growing up in Western Maryland, I remember Goodloe Byron, our representative to Congress for most of the 1970s. Dying prematurely, Byron was succeeded by his wife, Beverly. These were good people who embodied the notion of the Democrat party being for the "little guy."

I don't think anyone believes that the Democrats are for the little guy anymore. The election of progressive socialist Barack Obama, almost entirely financed by Wall Street, using the weather to scare people and shut down our industries, these things are not what made Democrats great.

So where is the Democratic Tea Party? I can't believe that my neighbors are the mean, vile, greedy people represented by Democrats in Congress and on TV. It's high time for intelligent-thinking Democrats to get rid of the progressives who are dooming your party.

Sarah Palin didn't shoot Giffords and people should be allowed to keep the sweat of their toil, not having it taken and given to others. How can there be compromise when the Democratic president sat in the church pews of a priest who cursed America while making a fortune off of our country? Democrats, instead of insulting Tea Partiers because the progressives have no ideas, should instead be forming their own Tea Parties to take back their party.

I beg of Democrats to take a look at your party. It's become the party of Josef Stalin when it should be the party of Goodloe Byron. Democrats need to form Tea Parties and become, once more, the party for the common man.

James Parsons


Carlisle, Pa.

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