Letters to the Editor - Jan. 15

January 14, 2011

Social Security tax cut will be useless

To the editor:

The financial columns are full of the wonderful news that we little folks will get this wonderful Social Security holiday — a 2 percent reduction in the Social Security tax that will give all cold cash.

Really? Did I miss the part where the federal government will exclude that 2 percent increase in cash from income tax? Because without it, the cut is useless. It is about enough to increase your taxes by one bracket.

The federal government will get more money. State governments will get more money. As Tim Rowland suggests, the average bloke will get about $6. Simultaneously, the Social Security fund will take an enormous hit at a time when it desperately needs to grow.


The shortsighted blind adherence to supply-side economics here reaches its apex. Further, I imagine the rich folks who get the tax breaks for another two years — the only people who will truly benefit — laughed until it hurt when this was passed.

Amy Schmersal Paradise


New superintendent must serve all students

To the editor:

In the wake of Elizabeth Morgan's attempt to make Washington County Public Schools world class, there is a lot of baggage being left behind. 

How many programs to educate students in trades at the seven high schools were eliminated? Morgan's response is that these programs are offered at Washington County Technical High School. Many students have no desire to go to the vo-tech high school. They want to go to school in their home school. What kind of education is offered them?

Morgan's whole focus in her years in Washington County was educating the top 20 percent of the students. The other 80 percent were left with the crumbs. This is not right. Of course, world-class school system does not even exist for the top 20 percent of the students. During Morgan's tenure, SAT scores have not improved to any extent.

We have magnet schools, we have a high school academy and we have a fine arts high school. All of these are for the top 20 percent of the students. In order for a student to get in these programs, they have to go through screening. Don't the other 80 percent deserve programs?

Everybody falls all over each other telling Morgan what a great job she is doing. I don't buy it and have not bought it for a long time.

I very much hope that those responsible for selecting a new superintendent will select an individual who will serve all of the students of the system. Fairness demands it.

Meredith Fouche


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