Mail Call - Jan. 10

January 10, 2011

"I really like Pete Waters, but I was very unhappy with his column the other day, where he suggested that gay soldiers, serving and dying for our country in our military, can be equated with the forced euthanasia of our aging population. What is wrong with you, Pete? There are a lot of liberal ideas that are ruining the country, but the repeal of ‘Don't ask, don't tell' is a great step forward. Get a clue."

— Sharpsburg

"I'm calling about the two van vehicles yesterday, the 4th of January. Two ladies were texting on the telephone, passed on the double line. They had to get there. If they'd had to kill someone, it wouldn't hurt them a bit, but it will us."

— Mount Lena

"Why are the people in Greencastle so worried about the bike lanes in Hagerstown? How many bike lanes do you have in Greencastle?"

— Hagerstown


"The Hancock Lions and Lionesses are to be commended for serving hundreds of shut-ins and people alone a delicious Christmas dinner. Evidently you don't need a large community for so many caring people to show God's goodness. I know everyone on the receiving end offer their thanks and gratitude. Happy New Year to all of you."

— Hancock

"I'd like to see a list of who got the stimulus money and how much, and what amount was paid back by those people, and where that money went when it was paid back."

— Williamsport

"This is to the person about when the police are going to start enforcing the rules on the road. The police will start enforcing the rules when they enforce them on themselves. And as far as the woman texting while she was driving, what made you any different for throwing your beer bottle at her? That's against the law as well, drinking and driving."

— Hagerstown

"Good story on the first and second page on the 5th, in reference to that fallen Marine. Thank goodness for him and his family. They came to America from Burma. That's another foreign-born soldier, enlisted in the American army to defend this country. ... Hats off to him and his father. Our deepest regards. You have a brave son, and we thank you, and thanks for coming to America."

— Chewsville

"In regard to article, ‘Tip jar revenue down for fire and rescue,' I can only say that maybe the county government needs to examine the expenditures of the fire companies more carefully and closely." — Hagerstown "To the person in Hancock complaining about seeing the sheriff out on patrol: Did you ever stop and think, this is a good thing? Maybe a deputy was off sick, or some other reason, and the sheriff had to fill in. You people complain if you don't have someone on patrol, and then you complain if you do. Why don't you have enough to do? Get a life, and be happy you are safe."

— Hagerstown

"Poor President Obama. Man, if the guy didn't have bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. I was watching, he was signing a bill into effect the other day, and he had to use five different pens. They kept running out of ink or not working or something. So just thought I'd let everybody know that."

— Hagerstown

"In regards to your Tuesday story on special teams having to clean up a broken thermometer at a doctor's office because of spilled mercury, I hope everyone realizes we'll have to use the same procedure if we break one of the CFC bulbs we'll be forced to use when the government's incandescent bulb ban takes effect. Those bulbs, all made in China, contain mercury, so everyone better have the proper equipment and protective gear."

— Frederick, Md.

"Everybody should be looking at their Allegheny Energy bill. The kilowatt-hour distribution charge has gone up. We find that our bill has increased a lot from last year. We are paying now about $7 more for this December's bill than we did last year. So all the hoopla about Allegheny Energy cutting its rates in the merger is not correct ... spoke with a customer service representative, and she said there will be little change."

— Funkstown

"To Frederick, Md.: The government didn't steal Social Security money and spend it. That is distortions spread by many people who want to see Social Security go away. The money is in government bonds and will be paid back in as needed. We all have an interest in seeing that government bonds stay safe, for many reasons more than just Social Security. We are all in big trouble if they don't. I think you're one who does not agree with the huge government spending and debt. I'm with you. I think it needs to be reduced."

— Greencastle, Pa.

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