Letters to the Editor - Jan. 10

January 09, 2011

Time has come to vote on health care repeal

To the editor:

Health care repeal should be brought to a vote. 

Many members of the media and political pundits are questioning the reasoning for wasting time bringing something to vote that stands no chance of passing both the House and Senate and being signed by President Obama. 

The most likely scenario is that the House of Representatives will introduce the bill and likely pass it. It would then go to the Senate, where one of two things will happen. The Senate will pass the bill and send it to the president where it will (in all likelihood) be vetoed, or the Senate would defeat the bill, saving the president the necessity of the veto. In either case, the bill will fail. 

The big question is: Why introduce a bill that stands no chance of passing?

This is the answer to that question: If the bill to repeal health care is forced to a vote, we, the people, will get to see who voted for or against the repeal bill, and consequently give we, the people, a better idea of how we want to vote in 2012.


Greg Morris


We are responsible for our own faith

To the editor:

After seeing and reading the deluded defamations from some spiritually myopic mopes, I agree with the observation of Latter-day Saint Bishop Richard C. Edgley and also am saddened to see that "The reality of the Savior, His atoning sacrifice, and its universal application for all of us is challenged and often dismissed as a myth or the baseless hope of a weak and uneducated mind" ("Faith — The Choice is Yours," Ensign magazine, November 2010).

Through these poor misguided souls, we see the active application of the sophistry of Satan, who is real and walks among us.

And so it is that our faith must be a personal choice that needs be actively sought after and nurtured. 

We are personally responsible for our own faith as well as for our own lack of faith. 

It is our choice, and a choice that only we can make for ourselves.

Miracles do not bring faith, but it is true that "Faith precedes the Miracle" (Spencer W. Kimball).

Like Edgley, there is much that I do not know, but of this I have no doubt — our Savior is real and we receive not a witness of Him until after the trial of our faith (see Ether 12:6 in the Book of Mormon). 

Larry D. Kump

Falling Waters, W.Va.

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