Mail Call - Jan. 9

January 07, 2011

"In answer to Waynesboro caller, when filing for Social Security disability, you do not need a lawyer or do you need a disability adviser. Download the form from, fill it out honestly, attach all necessary paperwork. Only if you don't win the first time, you may want to contact a lawyer."

— Washington County

"This is in reference to the caller from Hancock who questioned the need of a sheriff for Washington County. I, for one, am very proud that we have a sheriff that's not afraid to get out of his office and go out and patrol and do the duties that he is responsible for to the people. Sounds like sour grapes to me, Hancock, if you know what I mean."

— Clear Spring

"I have a question for the Mail Call readers. Who was the first president to borrow money from China? And was it President Nixon who first went to Communist China and made friends with the communists? I'd like these questions answered, as I often wondered."


— Hagerstown

"President Obama was elected, not anointed, by weighing 365 electoral votes versus 173 for (John) McCain. In 2000, President George W. Bush was appointed to the office of president by the U.S. Supreme Court, who reversed the Florida Supreme Court decision on recounts. Then, we had Gerald Ford, who was appointed to the vice presidency, and assumed the presidency. ... Perhaps our only anointed one was George Washington, since he is the only president to have received 100 percent of the electoral votes, in both 1789 and 1792."

— Hagerstown

"Let's see, front page of Wednesday, Jan. 5th's paper, 'Tip jar revenue down for fire and rescue.' This is what you hoped for. No one goes out anymore because cops wait outside when you go somewhere to gamble, so everybody stays home, and there's no money left for charities. It's unfortunate, but that's exactly what's happened."

— Boonsboro

"To the bicycle group here in the Panhandle: Our taxes paid for a new bicycle path from Charles Town to Martinsburg, on the new Route 9. I have not seen any bicycles on it, but I do see them on our back roads, waiting for someone to run over them."

— Jefferson County, W.Va.

"What has Barbara Mikulski done for Western Maryland? I'll answer that question: Nothing."

— Brightwood Acres East

"I'm calling on all senior citizens on Medicare, from Pennsylvania, to call Congressman (Bill) Shuster's office to ask him not to repeal the health care. He's going to do away with my donut hole. I don't want that to happen."

— Mont Alto, Pa.

"I'm getting tired of these bike riders complaining. Automobiles, trucks and motorcycles all have to have tags, insurance and driver license before we can use the highways. Bikes and mopeds should be made to do the same. I have yet to see a lot of bikes in the bike lanes. Mopeds ride in the middle of the road. They don't do the speed limit, and sometimes there are two people on one moped. Why should they get to ride free?"

— Hagerstown

"It is very disappointing to see a person with a dog, walking without a pooper-scooper or letting them run loose to tear open garbage bags, and then letting the remains lay out. The town ordinance needs to be enforced more — please."

— Funkstown

"Hurray for ... Meritus for standing up and protecting the child. As a mother of three, I'm sure not one of them would have wanted to see their mother's private parts or themselves in that stage, as teenagers. If the mothers want this so badly, have a home birth."

— Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"Oil prices and gas prices going up is music to Uncle Sam's ears. The higher oil and gas goes, the more expensive electric cars will be sold (GM needs this), more wind generator and photocell installations will happen — exactly what Washington wants. Of course, we want government to stay out of our lives, right?"

— Waynesboro, Pa.

"Road rage is familiar to most everyone, but how about cell phone rage? I'm tired of being forced to listen to private conversations while I'm shopping or waiting in line for service. These people are inconsiderate and rude about publicly airing their conversations, so everybody in their range has to accept listening to their phone calls. I wish there was some way we could put a law against this."

— Hagerstown

"Would the person from Blue Ridge Summit please call back and give all of us a complete description of what he thinks a true American is? Because he thinks that there are no Democrats that are true Americans, according to his opinion."

— Hagerstown

"If Republicans are so dumb and Obama is so intelligent, why is he repeating Jimmy Carter's mistakes? Smart people know you cannot spend your way out of debt."

— Funkstown

"In regards to the individual in Funkstown who is still bellyaching about the gas prices, they must not go to the supermarket — $10 for a steak, $5 for a pound of bologna. Come on, Funkstown, wake up. Gas — get a bicycle. Good God, woman, man, whatever."

— Hagerstown

"As a member of the Marine Corps League, Bulldog Detachment, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Beaver Creek storage bins that we were able to put the toys in for the Toys for Tots, while we were waiting on a room to give them away. I deeply appreciate that very much."

— Mount Lena

"Many of you call in to Mail Call concerning the one who designed life on earth. You describe this work as intelligent design, yet fossil evidence shows that 99 percent of all organisms that ever lived are now extinct. Does this mean that the original designer didn't do a very good job?"

— Halfway

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