Letters to the Editor - Jan. 8

January 07, 2011

Rowland's column didn't belong on front page

To the editor:

I am appalled that your Sunday edition (or any other edition) would headline such an opinionated, politicized and negative column such as that rendered by Tim Rowland on Jan. 2 ("Washington County just gives and gives", page A1).

What an unfortunate way to start off the new year. The only place in your paper that would have been appropriate for the column might have been the Opinion page that carries your normal political commentary. You might argue that it was too long to print on that one page — true. But the print could have been reduced to accommodate the limited space in the Opinion section. Then, perhaps only the hard-core Rowland fans might have been the only readers willing to use a magnifying glass.

Additionally, Rowland uses the term "immigrant" to fit his own political purposes instead of the term "illegal immigrant," which is the correct term associated with the positions he criticizes.


Please don't dignify such opinionated and politicized commentary in the future with coverage on your front page, regardless of the political position.

Tom Edwards


BOE needs to work together to find new leader

To the editor:

As an individual much closer than I to the selection of a new schools superintendent for Washington County has said, the selected individual should and will set the tone for public education in the county for the next decade. Quite a task. 

In my opinion, it will require an individual with many abilities. It will always require an individual with a proven track record of dealing with diverse educational groups and dealing with elected bodies. Any individual as the chief of an organization this large must be good at setting priorities.

All of this is required plus more. However, the No. 1 priority must be advancing an educational plan for all students. It is no secret I have had my differences with current Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan, but one thing I will acknowledge is her strong work ethic. Washington County will be well-served if we find a new superintendent matching Morgan's work ethic.

The selection process will require all seven board members working together to serve the students and citizens of Washington County. Turf battles are unacceptable. The public is watching.

Meredith Fouche


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