Mooney raised a great deal of money in losing effort

Candidates report campaign finance numbers

January 05, 2011|By ANDREW SCHOTZ |
  • Alex X. Mooney
Alex X. Mooney

WASHINGTON COUNTY — Republican Alex X. Mooney poured close to $400,000 into his unsuccessful run for another state Senate term, according to 2010 campaign finance reports reviewed by The Herald-Mail.

In his bid for a fourth term, Mooney lost to Democrat Ronald N. Young, but outspent him nearly 7-to-1 — about $385,000 to $57,000.

Those totals are based on expenditures detailed in four state campaign finance reports that candidates and political organizations had to file during 2010.
Those reports cover the bulk of 2010 — minus the first two weeks, which are folded into an annual recap of 2009, and the last six weeks, which will be part of a 2011 annual report due later this month.

Among the local state delegate candidates, Republican Michael Hough and Democrat Brien J. Poffenberger were the top spenders.

Poffenberger, who lost the Subdistrict 2B election, spent around $113,000 in 2010. Hough, who won the Subdistrict 3B seat, spent nearly $108,000.


Both started the year with tens of thousands of dollars of campaign cash. Hough had about $50,000 by mid-January 2010.
After then-Del. Richard B. Weldon Jr. gave two years’ notice he wasn’t running again in Subdistrict 3B, Hough filed for the seat in August 2009.

In the marquee matchup in Washington County, five-term incumbent Donald F. Munson outspent challenger Christopher B. Shank in 2010 — about $121,000 to $99,000 — but lost to Shank in a primary, then again in the general election.

They started the year almost even in money: Munson had about $70,000 and Shank, finishing his third term as a delegate, about $68,000.

Mooney, who was elected chairman of the Maryland Republican Party several weeks after his election loss, reinforced his reputation as a champion fundraiser in 2010.
He started the year with about $208,000 in the bank and raised about $186,000.

Young, a former mayor of Frederick, Md., started the year with no campaign money and raised about $90,000.

Poffenberger and Republican Neil Parrott, who defeated Poffenberger for the Subdistrict 2B delegate seat, also got a head start on fundraising in 2009. Poffenberger carried about $25,000 into the first campaign finance period of 2010. Parrott had about $19,000.

Poffenberger raised another $89,000 during the year. Parrott took in about $67,000 more.

In the Washington County Commissioners race, the five victorious Republicans also were the most successful at fundraising.

Ruth Anne Callaham collected about $20,800. John F. Barr was next with almost $15,800, followed by William B. McKinley with about $15,400 and Jeff Cline with about $13,100.

Because of problems with electronic filing, Republican Terry Baker’s campaign finance reports never made it online. However, he has estimated that his campaign raised and spent less than $8,000.

Democrat Kristin B. Aleshire, who failed to win a second term, filed affidavits throughout the year that his campaign planned to raise and spend less than $1,000, so he wasn’t required to submit detailed reports of receipts and expenditures.

Green Party candidate Joe Lane, who finished last in the commissioners' race, filed the same affidavits for two campaign periods, then later filed reports showing he had raised about $670 total in the next two periods.

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