Letters to the Editor - Jan. 4

January 03, 2011

Writer offers predictions for the future

To the editor:

Twenty-five years into the future, I see these events as part of our lives.

Paychecks, deposits, withdrawals or transfers in accounts will be electronic. Instant transactions will occur. Cash registers will be gone and named an account data access. Utility and monthly billing will be electronic mail billing.

The Post Office will be gone. Packages will be delivered by business. Letter mail will be e-mail.

The penny will be phased out first with other coins and paper currency to follow. All transactions will be performed using a personal account device (PAD).  

Debit cards will be replaced by a chip in the arm of every person as is now used in pets. Scanning the chip will allow access as a debit card and cannot be used by another.


All federal, state and local taxes will be automatically paid on the spot, not annually. No more tax forms. A data system will keep track of income and deductions and make the adjustments. If a person disputes the tax amount deducted or deposited into their account, they must request an audit so the government proves itself.

Stem cell, protein and DNA from previous research has allowed nerve repair giving full or limited vision, spinal cord or use of arms and legs to return.

IPhones will replace the cell phone and grow into a personal tool with a virtual keyboard, camera, telephone and computer terminal. It will provide access by voice command having human senses of hearing, vision and smell. The iPhone will also allow a person to view any video channel (television station) in the world. The video provider (formerly a cable, satellite or television station) will make a deduction from your account for out-of-market viewing. If the person disputes the deduction, they must request an audit so the provider proves itself.

Long-distance travel and goods transportation is done by teleportation. This will account for fuel costs rising as oil runs out. Local driving will be fueled by biofuels from cellulose plants.

Bill Pechumer


New START treaty should not have been ratified

To the editor:

President Obama's New START nuclear weapons reduction treaty with the Russians and its approval and ratification by Congress on Dec. 22 is a huge mistake and will prove dangerous and not consistent with the interests of national security for our country.

This treaty will now effectively limit further U.S. anti-missile defenses for our country. It simply is not adequately verifiable and the Russians now can and will engage in significant violations and/or also secretly cheat. This will now likewise reduce the flexibility and survivability of our strategic military forces.

New START will also solidify a large Russian superiority in nuclear weapons and it could force cuts in some of our conventional military capabilities such as in heavy bombers and missile defenses of the homeland.

For our future safety and defense, the New START treaty will make us less safe and more vulnerable to an attack from our enemies. This treaty should never have been ratified by the lame-duck Congress.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring, Md.

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