Pulling, losing weight will pay off in '11

January 02, 2011|Tim Shea
  • Tim Shea
Tim Shea

Welcome to 2011.

I know we’re more than 24 hours into the new year, but hopefully it’s not too late to make some resolutions.

I actually started making resolutions in November. I joined a fitness club in Hagerstown in an attempt to get myself back in shape.

Back near the end of 2006, I wrote a column where I said I had lost 61 pounds and was weighing in at 175 pounds.

Well, guess what? I put some of that weight back on over the last four years. I refuse to disclose how much weight, but let’s just say the first digit on the scale is “2.”

So I have decided it’s time to lose some weight (again). I have several reasons for losing weight. Other than the obvious health benefits, my brother is getting married in April and I’m the best man in the wedding. If that isn’t incentive to lose weight, I don’t know what is.

Other than personal resolutions, I also have some resolutions related to my job at The Herald-Mail.

As we develop the digital operations here, my No. 1 goal for 2011 is to become more proficient in our online operations.

We recently switched to a new Web-updating system here and there has been a learning curve for all of us at The Herald-Mail. For some people, the transition has gone smoothly. For myself, it has been a decent transition, but I still have a lot to learn.

Also, I need to get myself a new Facebook page and consider starting a Twitter account. Talk about diving head first into the social media pool.

As editor of the Opinion page, I also resolve to continue to publish a wide variety of letters to the editor expressing viewpoints from both sides of the political aisle as well as those in the middle. I also want to continue working with letter writers in order to make their letters ready to publish.

As we state on the Opinion page, not all letters will be published due to the volume of letters we receive.

If you can resolve to keep your letters to a maximum of 300 words, I will resolve to do my best to get them in the paper.

As the person in charge of the Sunday paper, I also resolve that I will do my best to see that The Herald-Mail and showcase quality journalism and provide relevant local information each Sunday. I want us to cover news and events that reflect what’s going on in our community.

Having said all that, I want to do my part to keep The Herald-Mail the No. 1 source of information in the area. From the daily newspaper to our website and everything in between, I want to come to work every day with the goal of giving 100 percent to make sure I’m keeping my end of the bargain.

If I can keep these resolutions through 2011, I know I’ll have pulled my weight.

And if I can lose some of my other weight, 2011 will definitely be a year to remember.

Tim Shea is an assistant city editor at The Herald-Mail. He can be reached at 301-791-6097 or by e-mail at

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