Waynesboro student participates in research on Pennsylvania's history

January 02, 2011

LOCK HAVEN, Pa. — In a recent poster session at Lock Haven University, students shared their research on Pennsylvania's many unique, regional histories.

The Dec. 14 poster session, titled "Pennsylvania's Histories," showcased the work of students who have been studying Pennsylvania history this semester.

"The idea was for students to research a region in Pennsylvania and identify what historically made that part of Pennsylvania different or unique," said Professor Janet Irons.

"Pennsylvania has many histories, not just one, because the regions within its borders are so distinct."

She encouraged the students to focus their research on rural Pennsylvania, which is often underrepresented in the state's history.

Tom Howell, a senior from Waynesboro, Pa., who is majoring in political science, presented a poster titled " The Adams County Fruit Belt."

The poster project was an attempt to give students the opportunity to take advantage of new research on Pennsylvania's regions developed by the Bureau for Historic Preservation at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Some of the topics presented by the students included Potter County potato farming, the evolution of Lancaster County agriculture, the Pennsylvania barn, and agriculture in the limestone and Susquehanna valleys.

Other students did research on education in Pittsburgh, suburban development in Philadelphia, the decline of the smokestack industry and the rise of tourism in Erie, the impact of Hurricane Agnes and the history of the Centre County Grange Fair.

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