Letters to the Editor - Jan. 1

December 31, 2010

It is important to review all of your bills

To the editor:

On Dec. 17, the day prior to Daniel Moeller's letter to the editor about extra charges on a Verizon phone bill ("Be aware of charges on your phone bill," Saturday, Dec. 18, page A4), I received my own Verizon bill. 

I noticed that there was an extra charge of $14.95 listed under "Other Providers." "Other Providers" was further identified as a payment processing company with a phone number. I called to find out what this was for and was told I had authorized this new monthly charge for some sort of service. The company had my name, address and birth date and gave me the date I had authorized this new charge.

It was never fully explained what the charge was for, but as luck would have it, I was in California during this time and was not available to make this authorization. I was told it might take a couple of cycles, but this charge would definitely be reversed and no further charges made to my account.


It is important that each of us make sure we review not only our Verizon bill, but any accounts you might have. It was scary for this other company to provide my correct personal information so easily and reminds me that everything is readily available on the Internet. I always closely check all charges that might appear on any bill or statement — maybe even better than I used to.

Patsy Rothen



Current class sizes should be maintained

To the editor:

Early projections indicate class size will have to increase in Washington County schools in school year 2011-12 due to revenue decreases. Teachers are hard-pressed with current class sizes to deliver quality instruction.

You might ask how do I know? I volunteer in one county school and see firsthand how challenging instruction can be.

There are many agencies other than education that lobby the Washington County Commissioners for funds. I understand their needs. However, I feel all that can be done to maintain current class size should be done.

When dollars are slashed, students and others are affected in the classroom. In most cases, they cannot lobby the County Commissioners.

This is a very difficult situation for all involved. I understand that. My hope is when the final plan is handed down, students will not be affected in a negative manner.

Meredith Fouche



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